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New Tyre change on a is300h (tyre pressure monitors )


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Had 4 new tyres fitted a few weeks ago. The fitter was very careful and marked the inside of each rim with a yellow marker to indicate which corner it came from. No damage, and no pressure problems after.

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22 hours ago, agent_dess said:

Does the TMPS not need to be reset via the reset button?


Interesting that the manual says the TPMS must be reset if the tyres are rotated. Can someone explain why this is?

It may be that later models than mine have a different system but I thought the sensors inside the tyres simply transmitted an ID number and the tyre pressure to the car. The car can then report the pressure for each sensor to any device that can read it. (On the dashboard it just puts up a warning light if any of the pressures are too low.)

But how does it know which corner the tyre is on unless an installer has identified the location of each sensor? If it's just a radio signal from the sensor to the car, how can this be affected by moving the tyre from one corner to another? And if it can't, why is there any need to reset the system after tyre rotation? Can anyone provide enlightenment?

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AFAIK it's to do with ping time, the time it takes a sensor to respond determines it's location relative to the ECU. My RC reports the actual tyre pressure for each wheel in a neat little graphic.

Also the system would need a reset as the tyre pressures set on each sensor would change? Don't most cars have a different pressure for front and rear axles?

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