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10k Service

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Hi All. I am back here after a very long break. My IS200 is coming up to its first year (6500 miles) and the 10k service is due in a few weeks. My wheels have also started to corrode and I think a refurb/change is also in order.

Lexus Bromley is my closest dealer (they've been quite good so far), but I could take the car to Reading or Oxford who seem to be very highly regarded by you guys (if they can promise to service and return it in a day). Do you guys recommend the trip out to Reading/Oxford?

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Reading have quoted me 125 incl VAT and offered a 10% Gold discount

Oxford have quoted 165 incl VAT and no Gold discount (?)

Bromley have yet to come back with a price.

Are any of the dealers in the London area any good?

croydon offer discount to GOLD MEMBERS

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Got my car serviced over the weekend. Supplied my own oil. Came in at just 65 quid. Not bad eh!!

Car does seem a bit smoother and the power delivery is better. Do they do anything to the car for that change to happen or is it the better quality oil or is it just me?

Thinking of resetting my ECU? What difference will that make?

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