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Bugger what a **** day!

Get back to the car tonight and some soft ***** has rammed it with a trolley twice right on the middle of the fold at the top of the rear drivers side door.

Doesn't look like the paint is scratched but they've given it some - am I right in thinking that since the damage is on the fold where it's all pushed in that's in going to be quite hard to remove? Anyone know a good place local to Solihull as that's where I'm working for the forseeable future and I don't know the area at all.. TIA

And then on the way home it sounds like something may have started to go wrong in the engine bay..

Took the revs up to around 5800 and let off the throttle without dipping the clutch and she let out an almight wail and lost power immediately.. Sounded like a grating when the bypass kicks in but it's only been since I took the extra spring off the bypass on the charger. How do you remove the uprated spring as I'm going to try setting it like Rob's to see if the extra tension sorts it out? Maybe the spring I got from TTE is dodgy?

No CEL but wouldn't rev about 2000rpm for a few seconds then slowly started reving higher again.

Might take her out shortly to see if she's still misbehaving.

Would an ECU reset be any help?

Going to drop a note to TTE now..

Bummer eh :crying:

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Give Mat C a PM he mat be able to help with the s/c never happened to me..may be wise to take a pic of the new TTE spring as is ..........may help.

cant help with far sarf......

Hope it all gets sorted


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The bodywork should be fixable Dave - not the end of the world - I've chilled a bit now! Was gutted when I first saw it but think I might ask the body shop to take a look when she goes in for some bumper work.......

OK guys, have been having a look at the car and got some photo's:

Looking at my SC compared to some others I've noticed that the bypass cable on the supercharger could do with adjusting so that there is more thread visible like this thread:

Also the spring looks at a different angle to Rob's in this photo:

Could someone please tell me how to remove the spring so that I can put it onto the same place as Rob's is (in the middle of the 2 notches). Thanks in advance.

Also, in my last photo I took a picture of the bypass cable on the other side on the throttle assembly (think that's what it is but no idea!!) Does that look normal? Seems a bit squeaky when I moved it - worth oiling that?

As for the bypass spring, does seem to stick a few mm away from fully closing sometimes - could be that is contributing to the problem.

Is the weird noise just likely to be air bypassing? It sounds more like a grating noise than a pffffftt noise?!

Thanks in advance guys

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hi aido your spring is in the wrong place, you need to take the R CLIP off the top of the by-pass with the washer and re position the spring to the same place as robs (the one in the pic )then put washer back on then R CLIP. you also need to back off some cable you will need a 10mm spanner to undo the nuts to try and get some play in the cable,if you not sure how to sort it im at santa pod this w/end, i can sort it for you there .

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Cheers fellas, and thanks Gord for the offer there mate!

I've been to see Chris tonight and he's sorted it all out for me - took of the spring and reseated in the original position (in the notch) and it's working beautifully now, have given it a run for an hour on the way back and no problems :D

Chris also sorted out some lube on the belt for me as she was drier than a nun's fanny!

Thanks a lot for the help Chris, it's appreciated mate :)

Guess I must have knocked the spring or something as she's fine now, much much quieter!?

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hi mate - just got your PM, been away for 2 days. - only thing i saw was

1 the bypass cable is not in the correct position, you need to set it so u have the nuts at the other end of the threaded adjuster. the other end look ok - adjusted/installed ok - but that area has a LOT of corrosion - something to look at i would say - give it a clean and a lube.

2. to move the leg of the spring you can just pull the leg to the required position - u dont have to take it off.

as u said the valve is a bit sticky - sort this out as this cause problems.

good to hear that u have it sorted.

the CEL would prob be caused by the combination of incorrectly adjusted cable and a corroded spring on the throttle.

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Cheers fella's - Chris you've got pm :)

Rob, bought some engine degreaser but I'm a lazy git so might have her steam cleaned to get rid of a lot of the **** first so it makes life a bit easier!!

Car is running like a beaut now - lots of fun to be had, saw a nice IS in Granite sky on the M42 this morning, followed him for most of the way to the junction with the M6 and then got agitated as there was a 328 I wanted to play with in front - he moved out of the way so I gave it some and I think the beemer was gutted that he got tag teamed :winky: Don't think it was a club member but nice car none the less - now I know what mine sort of looks like to the people behind me !!!

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