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Snoopers4-gps It Worth Adding Radar Xtra?


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Hi peeps.

Just wondered if anyone has any guidance/experience on this...

i've got a GPS based detector - snooperS4Neo - (also picks up laser, for what it's worth! :huh: ). I'm very happy with it but have been thinking about getting the extra S100 RLD - radar detector. It just plugs into the S4 & away you go...

i got the S4 in May 2004 & the extra S100 was about £100 at the time but i've recently found a site that sells it for £69.99 inc p&p & thought this was a bit of a bargain ;)

it's only going to be a bargain if it's any good all comments will be welcomed! :)

thanks guys

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To be honest, I would not pay out an extra £100 for a laser detector.

Some basic physics research - google the difference between the speed of light and the speed of sound ;) - will show you that a policeman will have tagged you and and measured your speed before you hear the sound of the unit :blush:

Your only hope is that you pick up some stray beams from them aiming at cars in front of you.

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I dont think it is worth the extra ,as i have had my road angel for over a year now and never had the radar part of it triggerd ,so i can only presume it dont work or i just have been lucky.

I'v e just got the Road Angel 2.

And I have a laser pointer on my keyring :)

Will try later to see if it senses the laser being pointed at it ;)

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One tip I saw somewhere was to take a tv remote control and press that near the detector, that should set it off!

Probably read it on here somewhere?

not heard that mate - seems strange as these units are supposed to pick up lasers, and TV remotes use IR :unsure:

Are you getting mixed up with the "automatic garage door openers can interfere with laser speed guns" story thats going around?

I've heard that one, but only from second / third hand sort of stories on internet forums

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ahem, just to i'm a bit confuzzled!

my unit already has LASER - which i know doesn't really mean alot cos by the time it goes off, you've probably already been done!

it's an extra piece of kit for RADAR - either the handheld hairdryer things or the ones in the back of the horrible jam jar vans with a blacked out window at the back! i believe, they are possibly on the decrease anyway. (which seems to be backed up by what Mudzs says cos his hasn't gone off in over a year!!).

thanks for the replies... :driving:

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