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Resetting The Ecu

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Just read in the knowledgebase about resetting the ECU when change the octane on fuel...just curious - has anybody actually done this and noticed a marked (I mean marked) and not psychological difference in the performance of their IS200?

If it does then I'm gonna do it, 'cos to be honest sometimes the extra power would be nice - dont wanna s/c will wait for the new 2006 model, but in the meantime....just want a quick fix.

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sometimes an ECU reset makes the car feel faster anyway so it may not always be the fuel. You should see an increase in mpg though if you are not just doing small journeys.

Don't expect too much if there is an increase it will be small.

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Thanks Col....

Bit nervous about resetting the ecu, is it really easy just to remove the 2 fuses? Does the car have to learn anything new (sorry I'm not a mechanic!) - things like the remote / immobilizer etc...

If it doesn't then I'll give it a go...

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I would have thought that the ECU would eventualy learn the RON of the fuel in the car over time any way (say a tank or two), it wouldn't make sense for the ECU to have no facility of adapting to the fuel over time.

Can anyone confirm this?

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