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Dealer Service, Or Not?

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Hello All

My RX300 is 4 years old and is due its 48,000 service. Should I have this done at a Lexus dealership (the previous owner always had it dealer-serviced but then he had more money than me!) or use a local indepedent garage with a good reputation. Will a local garage know what to look for in a Lexus at this age / mileage? Or does anyone know of any ex-Lexus mechanics working in the Buckinghamshire/Herts/Middx area?

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I would suggest staying with a main dealer although it may be a bit more expensive as a log book stamped up with a full main dealer service in it can add a few hundred pounds to the resale value, apart for having a comback if something does go wrong.

There is nothing stopping you taking out an extended warantee if it is continuous with the first 3 yrs the manufactures give, or 60,000 and the older the car gets the more parts are going to wear so I honestly believe that a Lexus service is more important than ever.

I would rather be driving a car maintained by a Lexus dealer when driving down a motorway at speed than one "serviced" by maybe a supposed qualified motor mechanic anytime, especially if I was carrying loved ones as passangers.

Its always better to be safe beforehand than sorry afterwards.


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@ Realspeed - put it this way mate, my car was serviced by a main dealer and then taken to an independant the week after....

They (the main dealer) missed totally worn ball joints, front brake pads - what else have they missed?

I'd be ****** by now if I hadn't have got the second opinion.

On the flipside I guess you could get ***** people no matter where you go so it's all down to luck at the end of the day, shame really as you don't expect luck to come into it when you pay Lexus prices.

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If it wasn't for the fact my brother owns his own garage mine would probably have gone back to Lexus for its 40,000 service

Told him how much they wanted and.... his reply was :lol::lol::lol:

Although I wanted to get that L stamp in my service book I ended up letting him do the work for a fraction of the price... And the best bit is I know EVERYTHING has been done!

If you can find a independent garage you can trust... go for it :)

Obviously the newer and more expensive the car... it probably will pay to have that full lexus service history.

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When do you plan to sell the vehicle? If it's within the next couple of years then keeping the Lexus service history will keep the resale value higher.

More than a couple of years and the loss in resale value will be offset against saving in servicing.

However there is no question that an independant without the service manuals/diagnostic equipment will not be able to do all things or may take longer to do them.

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I agree with Colin, if you're going to be selling the car on in the near future, stick with a Lexus dealer. If not, then go with an independant - I got fed up paying dealer prices for not brilliant service and now get mine done by a non-Lexus garage in Bracknell. No complaints so far!

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