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80mm Chrome Tail Pipe


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I can't understand why people buy crome tail pipes such as this one listed on eBay for £33+£10 p&p (£43)when you can buy a brand new original lexus one for £41 inc. from the dealer!!!!!!!!!

I got mine from lexus manchester on bury new road, see gareth the parts manager for special price/10% discount.

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does any1 know wher I can buy a 81mm chrome tail pipe to fit on my exhaust on my IS200se, thay cost 50 quid from Lexus which is expensive , i want 1 cheaper

I searched every where for one, as Lexus was £ 44.

In the end I went to Motosave, I suppose you have these in London.

Got a longer one, cut it doen to right length, put to 2 square(ish) holes in it at the back end and fastened it with a jubille clip - total cost £ 20 + £ 0.99,

Bargain - its tough to cut with a hack saw though, but it looks great - as good as a lexus one. :D

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