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Cold Cathode In Boot


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Heres one for the electrical gurus out there! In the Is there is a crappy little wedge type bulb in the boot. Would it be possible to replace this with a cold cathode tude to illuminate the cargo area when the boot lid is opened?

Has anyone done anything like this?

Are there plug and play tubes out there that you can get?

All advice/comments welcome!

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I think I found What I need here to do the job.So I went and ordered it!


I think its just a job of connecting up the black to black, red to red of this kit to the light connector in the boot. FAMOUS LAST WORDS :lol:

The cathode tube is 24" in length. That should be ample to light up the boot. I will take some pics when I get the bad boy installed.

Thanks Brettster for the pointer.

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Where are you sourcing the 24" tube and how much?

Its costing me $30 which is a bargain including shipping!

TIP!!!! Opt for the USPS International Shipping with no tracking as it is way cheaper

The DHL International shipping is $70!!!! :o

I'll take my chances for $30 all in with USPS!!

Hope this helps you!!


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Very Cool that sure is a big one!!!

hope it runs from 12V hehe :)

Q. Can cold cathodes be run from an a/c source?

A. Although the inverters for cold cathodes all require 12 volts DC for power, through the use of an a/c adapter they can be powered directly from a standard wall outlet. :D

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