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Car Colours - Why Do We Not Like White?


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well, i own a pearl white IS200 sport and i think it looks great.

agreeably, few cars suit white (in my opinion), but the IS definitely does. i personally havn't seen many/any in my local area and its also good to be unique/different.

matt/plain white is an awkward colour i think, but the mettallic finish on some white cars (gold pearlescent in my case), really does do the business.

but, at the end of the day, its each to their own. :D

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AS above RX in pearl white.

I think it's because of our lousy weather that white is not in demand over here.

Get dirty too quickly.

Hotter countries it's a great colour for deflecting the heat.

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White has a bad name when it comes to prestige marks like BMW, Merc etc I think is one reason. I think people percive it as a base model colour, and generally resale can be difficult.

I think certain cars look great in white, has to be the right sort of car, the Integra DC5 looks B) infact there are a lot of jap cars that suit white

One of the few European cars that looks good in white is the new Golf GTi... IMO

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I think the IS looks great in white, especially if you are doing styling mods. Theres just so few of them around in that colour, its a shame. It only seems to be europe where it isn't so popular though, they are quite popular in America like you said and also extremely popular in Japan.


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