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Motorbikes That Hit And Ride Off


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sitting queue of traffic waiting to turn right. it's a red light. cones next to me as there were roadworks. motorbike (a big fat bike too) decides to go thru the gap between my car and the cones.

suddenly hear a small whack on my right side, as the bike uses my car as a kindof hedge to get thru the gap. I barely have time to beep my horn, when he's zoomed off as the light went green. didn't even have time to look at his plate.

too dark to see what's been scratched. the perils of urban life huh?

perhaps we need a rant section!!!!

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when i rode a bike thing that annoyed me most was cars trying to stop u passing them when cars are stuck in traffic.

i urge no one to try this as it might result in your wing mirror getting punched off!


A swift smack downwards and they break as they are only designed for forwards and backwards movement.

However as a biker I can tell you that there are lots of instances of drivers hitting bikes and driving off as often the levers are broke and so the rider can't give chase. We also tend to be a bit dazed.

Got hit myself a few years back, overtaking a car and he decided to overtake too, even though I was next to him. Managed to stay on but the gear linkage/foot peg were snapped off on his alloy. He was still turning after we hit as he "swereved" out (even though I hit the drivers door, slid down the front wing and ripped his bumper off) and if he hadn't stopped there would have been nothing I could have done.

Took me half an hour to stop shaking though by the time the recover truck arrived 2 hrs later I was shaking again but this time from the cold :tsktsk:

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Still out of order, whether the general public hit and drive off. Why should maneesh an others have to pay for other idiots poor riding/driving! :angry:

Peaves me off! Had it done to my front, rear and passenger door on three seperate cases!

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I've always regarded filtering as a mugs game, since the biker invariably comes off worst. Safer to hang back and pass when there is enough room.

Mind you, I haven't had to suffer the frustrations of modern day city commuting. My experiences of London commuting in the early 70's put me off, even though there were no M25 jams then and the A40 out of London on a Friday evening was easy and hassle free on a bike.

You have my sympathies guys. I can thoroughly recommend the NE of Scotland, Aberdeen excluded, that is...!

IanB :D

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