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End Of The Affair


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So..I've spent months and months lusting after the new IS...had the test drives...ummmed and aaahed about the spec...worked out the finances...talked to the dealer about the availability and trade-in of my SportCross....and decided that yes I do want it and yes I can afford it. :P

Then I go to the dealer and it all turns to dust. :crybaby:

The suggested delivery date of early March has turned into a late April date - no big deal you might think...except it reduces the value of the trade-in by at least £500, and means that I have to get the SprotCross MOT'ed, which probably means 2 new tyres at least...meaning that I'd need to find nearly another grand to fund the change. :angry::angry::angry:

So that was the end of the discussion with the dealer - I had to walk away, and ask for the £250 deposit they'd had since February last year...yes, technically I could have afforded it, but it had got to the point where I was asking myself if I could actually justify the spend.

So I was resigned to hanging on to the SportCross for another year and then looking for a nearly-new IS250, thinking maybe there'll be plenty around in 12 months time.

But I made the mistake of acompanying my other half to the Mazda dealer as she was negotiating over a new MX-5 - I got bored and started looking around the showroom....

To cut it short, in March I will be taking delivery of a new.....don't laugh...Mazda6 MPS. :D

In case you haven't seen one - it's a 4-wheel drive, 2.3 turbo'd version of the normally sedate Mazda6.

It goes like stink, grips like it's on rails, and looks mean in a subtle sort of way. It's got the performance of an Impreza, but with the toys and solidity of the 'classic' IS. It seems incredibly well glued together, has enough gadgets (altho' I'll miss heated seats), and the engine is a gem. 0-60 in 6.6...mmmmmm. OK maybe it's a mid-life crisis sort of thing.'s the end of my Lexus affair...for the moment anyway. I have no problems with the cars, the dealers, the image..just that there are other ways of spending the £6K I am 'saving' by swapping luxury for a bit of oomph.

But I'll be keeping tabs on you Lexus guys...I still fancy that IS coupe...

All the best.


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Personally I really like the Mazda's. Great styling, and great performance.

Just remember, they do use quite a bit of oil, so you may need to keep some with you. I have heard of people having to top up the Mazda every two weeks.

Good luck with the car. :winky:

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