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Hello guys and gals,

Some of you may know me / us from the Supra scene so a big hello to you guys. For the others who don't we generally hang out on the forum, please take the time to read our section and look at the services we offer

If there is anything I can help you guys with please just call, or email using the contact us on our site.

I have swapped a supra with DB on here and am currently doing some developemt work with it, so we should have a good aristo section up on our site shortly.

With regards to membership, what should I do regards trading on here?

Cheers guys.

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mate you need to contact one of the moderators before you go ahead advertising your company etc.

but welcome anyway :D

PLease point me in the right direction!

Steve, Monster-Mat, Scarface, Zee007, to name but a few

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Hi and Welcome to the LOC :)

Thanks for the offer of more info for the Aristo :winky:

Is it the white colour Aristo you have that DB was selling?

Another member down in the SW area,just down the road from me.

All us members in the SW will have to try and sort out a mini meet before the end of the summer.

Cheers chips..

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Hi guys.

Just a note to mods/admins, these guys are an asset to the Supra community, you only have to read their feedback.

IMHO they would be invaluable to us here aswell, especially now they have a Aristo in their collection.

And yes, I do want a discount on my first order with you guys :D

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Hi mate. Welcome to LOC :D

I've been in touch with you before on the mark IV supra site with regards manual 6 speed getrag gear box. If you come across one please give me a shout :winky:


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