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I need to find what IP address im On/Using

Myself and the Wife have had fraudulent activity on our joint account for online purchases and we need our IP address to help resolve this and claim back the £245 lost so any help on how I find this out would be greatley appreciated.

Thanks In advance


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It depends if you are using a wireless gateway (Router) or just a USB modem. If you keep your wireless router turned on all the time (like mine) the IP Address won't change untill you turn it off and on again, the same with the modem (loses the IP when your turn your PC off and on again or loss of power to the modem). You can get a static IP Address which will not change from your internet service provider but you usually have to pay extra for it. :)



in the box type


This will display your internal IP address if you want your external IP (Internet) you need to go to

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:lol: @ Bazza!

OK mate, you want Finder, Applications, Utilities, Console, then type 'ifconfig' :P

If you're running most Unix / Linux variants go into the console and type 'ifconfig' - you'll usually be interested in 'eth0' :P

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In this particular instance, you will need your public IP address, not the IP address of your machine.

If you are connected through a router, which has DHCP, the 'ipconfig' command will return the IP address leased to your machine on the private side of the network. Most commonly things like 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x are private IP addresses.

To make your claim and provide proof you will need your public IP.

Easiest way is to hop onto a machine through which you connect to the internet, and visit

This is the address you will need to provide to the bank, or company you are claiming off.

Be aware, if your IP addresses are provided dynamically you may need to contact your ISP with time and date of given instances and they will be able to locate which IP address was assigned to you at those times (be aware of chargeable admin fees if you need to do this).

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