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Mids Meet 07.09.06


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name those faces (other than aido who is licking mr morses ear wax :sick: )


from left to right

1. chrisIS200

2. chris shippers

3. gord

4. lee

5. Robs brother

6. Kazi

7. Guy with the MR2, sorry mate, can't remember your name TNM

8. Rob, I_Love_My_IS200

9. mr morse

10. aido

11. Guy with MR2's friend

12. Waddy

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i thought i recognised you

but you said you took the photo

and you have put some wieght on since i last see ya :lol:

I pressed the button, then the tripod and timer did their witchcraft thing and hey presto :winky:

I am getting fat - it's living away during the week, drinking lager and having a staple diet of takaways. I can't wait until this bloody job finishes and i'm back in the office. Will lose it then. :blush:

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was a good evening, and remember, aido has a bell end.


So I do mate, so I do :D

Some ace pics there Mark, I didn't think I'd ever say it but you have got talent mate :P

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