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Thinking Of Getting A New Pickup


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any recomendations.....

im currently browsing a couple of US import sites, the 2004 Dodge ram 1500 looks very good seen some around £17,000


also looking at the dodge ram 2500 as it comes with the Cummins 5.9 litre diesel


for the price of the US trucks......its stoopid to buy a euro/jap pickup.

anyone ever delt with any of the US vehicle importers

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no one.....ok then

well i have a test drive booked with a Dodge / Chrysler dealership in Swindon next saturday........but they say you cant get the diesel in the ram 1500 and you can't get an official import ram 2500 diesel, only grey imports.

so will see

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Don't actually know anything about importing them, but a guy in my building has a Ram (one with a 5.7ltr hemi engine in it - not sure which model that is) but it looks and sounds fantastic :D

The thing that really takes you by surprise is the sheer size of it, it's so much larger than euro/jap pickups......

Do they come right hand drive if you buy from a dealership? And is the cost similar?

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These will answer any of your q's.

These ( had a 03 Dodge Ram Quad cab 4.7 V8 4X4 last time i looked.

These are in Hertfordshire:

Or these:

This should give you some if not all of the info you require.

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YEP i know the size i was driving a 500 hp Ram SRT10 a few weeks ago (has the viper engine in it)

i have also been looking ath the ones with the HEMI engines, and it seems thats the only real option from Dodge Uk.

all the Uk models come LHD aswell.

thanks for the links

chris im not interested in Euro/Jap models to be honest, when you consider the price new of one circa 20+ thousand pounds

you can by brand new Rams in the US for £15.000 fully specced, ok, i admit you still have to get it here, but its one hell of alot of truck for your money

f150s are 2 small, i need a double cab at the minimum

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Thought about a Toyota Tundra?

Not as big as the Ram but huge compared to th HiLux

i have mike, and was my first thought to get, but not that easy to get hold off, although they do have a good diesel engine option.....4.0 litre

Have you tried

They do a righthand drive conversion.

yep seen already.

not that bothered about LHD/RHD i did live in germany for 15 years

the one with the double cab has a small bed, AFAIK you also get a full size bed, would be more useful in the long term

indeed rob, the short bed is the 6ft 25", its longer than the bed on the Hilux. the long bed version is 8ft long

if i go for a UK dealer supplied Ram, ill get the shorter bed,

if i can find one already imported (like the one above) im not to fussed, if i have to go to the US to source one then it will more than likely be the long bed hi spec version(laramie) which is about US$33,000

the UK dealer supplied ones are the HEMI with the Laramie spec list, and come in at £30,000

we will see, im trying to get all the details together

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