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You've probably seen my attempting to sell my IS200 on here for a few weeks now...

I've been a proud IS200 owner for 4 years but with a young son and myself working in the city of London, we don't need 2 cars.

I was getting my IS serviced today in my local Lexus dealer and was tempted to sell both my wife's Honda CR-V and my IS200 and go for a new RX-350. The sales guy said he'd give me market value for both cars and do me a good deal on the RX. I'm taking the CR-V to be valued tomorrow.

My question is, which model should I look at? I don't think I would need the hybrid (too expensive) and we dont' drive big miles. As for the RX-350 I'm wondering if the SE-L is worth the extra over an SE model? Is the air suspension worth the cash?

Also, anybody got any ideas what sort of percentages I should be looking to negotiate off list price? is showing nearly 10% which would make the deal sweet...



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I would suggest you test drive both and depending on your driving style, you might prefer one over the other. Apart from the difference in spec. the air sprung might not be to your personal liking.

As with the RX300, I would say the spec. to go for would be the RX350 SE with NAV package. The SE is definitely the one to go for, with the NAV Package adding the full colour reversing camera.

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I had 04 Rx300 SE-L ... run it to 21k on the clock.

I traded in for 56 Rx350 SE+NAV+free Ice (not lexus brand ...insisted on Alpine DVD+Screens in back)...much better motor....bought a pre-registered in Dec with 96 miles on the clock and saved a packet 'cause they needed the sales figures up.

Don't bother paying for air gimic....and you don't feel the few grand difference.

Don't bother paying for ICE...but take it if it's free !!

My suggestion is test drive the 350 and put your foot down (you had an IS afterall and want some fun) ....if you don't smile like a 16 year old (as I did) then move on to something else.

Have fun.


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I got my 350 SE-L last November and have to say it is a fantastic car. Is the SE-L worth the difference over SE?? Well....

The air suspension is good - it felt less bouncy than coils. You can also lower the car which helps if you often transport loads or you have short legs like my mum :D

Even if you do go for SE go for the NAV/Multi Media because it's brilliant and the Mark Levinson stereo really shines in the RX

ICE - free in the SE-L but not important to me

Can you blag a bigger discount on the SE-L rather than on an SE and then have to add equipment??

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Okay... here's what I got offered today:

10k for my Lexus IS 200 SE Auto (Mar '03 - 18.5k miles)

11k for my Honda CR-V SE Exec (Mar '04 - 17.5k miles)

So, 21k for my P/X and price to change against a RX 350 SE Multimedia is £18k.

Seems like an excellent offer, so I'm going to sleep on it tonight and make a decision tomorrow morning...

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Going to call the dealer again this morning...

It seems that the vehicle they are offering me is "in stock". It's not been pre-registered, so will be an 07 plate with myself as the first owner. The sales guy told me that they had 'bought in a couple of RX's' for a 'campaign'.

Can anybody tell me if there were any changes to the 2007 RX? I want to be sure I'm getting a 2007 car!

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