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Over the last week I have been having probs starting.

When starting from cold the engine turns over fine but sometimes does'nt fire up, I have to try 2 or 3 times.

On other occasions it starts 1st go.

When started it runs perfectly.

Dont think its Battery as it turns engine well and called into Kwik Fit who tested it and say its fine and alternator is charging well.

Any ideas gladly welcome....

P.S It is not running on Tesco petrol !!!

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I have the same problem but it only happens once every two or three weeks. I have no idea what causes it but it's been like that for a year or two now.

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Acted up again this afternoon, started on 3rd attempt, tried taking key out and retrying but still no go.

Is this a common problem or is it just 3 of us that suffer this fault.

I can see one day it will just not fire up.

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does it seem like theres any fuel getting there if its anything like mine it wont its asif its not even trying to fire. may sound stupid but it couldnt be anything to do with the vvti could it?

Can't see what the VVTI would have to do with it, all that does is adjust cam timing at different revs.

My IS200 did it from time to time as well, if it's spinning over at normal speed on the starter then it's almost certainly fuel supply or spark related. You could try pulling a plug out to see if it looks fouled? Other thing I found was to turn the ignition on and then wait a few seconds before turning the motor over. This will give the fuel pump and injection system time to build up to maximum pressure in the system - at least I think that's the theory. Certainly made a difference on my Mum's old Rover, anyway...

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i just wonderded if a valve could be stuck slightly open for a short period of time = no compression, ive never bothered looking at how the vvti system works so it was only a passing thought.

i hope its a fuel starvation problem rather than ignition as i dont think unburnt fuel would do the cat a lot of good, i'm pretty certain it is fuel shortage though because as soon as it fires there are no splutters or probs at all.

also only ever seems to do it me when i jump in it quick so maybe the trick is to give it a sec or two?????

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Common an well known problem for me... typical for cars doing short turns in wet weather...

Just hold the key until the engine runs. Try to avoid several starting attemps.

Thing there is somthing like condensat which the engine menagement wants to get rid off before the engine fires up...

Thats what I know.. nothing to worry about..

BTW... if you fit a supercharger with tte ecu... the problem is nearly gone... nearly..

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I have a possible answer.

My Is300 suffered with the same issue. Mind you it would sit in the garage a few days at a time before I would use the car. The Battery was checked as were the electrics and they all came back ok.

So... for the last 3 months I have been using 97 ron petrol... and guess what... first time starts everytime, even if the car hasn't been used for a few days.

... try a higher octain fuel, it might be the answer.

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