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Difference Between Models

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I currently own a 2001 GS300 Navi. I want to change to a ls430, possibly on a 53 or an 04 plate. Just a quick question though, appart from projector headlights, what are the differences between the slightly older model and the new model? I had a drive today in a 53 plate with 45,000 miles. It had all the kit, electric rear seats, fridge etc, compleatly blew me away. I've never driven such an under streesed car in my life. Made my GS300 feel a bit rattely. Your help would be much appreciated.

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53 plate was the cut off. Some 53 plates are old LS430 and some 53 plate are new ls430.

Differences between ‘old’ LS430 and ‘new’ LS430 are:


- Old has 5 speed autobox, new has 6 speed sequential box

- 6 speed box in new one is supposed to be even smoother since it also uses the new WS tranny (World Standard) fluid) as opposed to the Type IV auto fluid


- New LS430 has blue tooth (up to 4 phones can be paired)

- new one has reversing camera

- new one Laser guided cruise control

- I think old has only sat nav which is voice activated, on the new one climate, audio, sat nav are all voice activated,

- New one has smartcard keyless entry and it can be programmed that when a certain driver approaches the driver door and open, as soon as the door is open the LS will start to adjust the seat position, rear view mirrors, seat belt anchor to the driver’s preferred settings

- new one has knee airbags

Also does anyone know if both front and rear doors self-closing on the LS430s ?

……I could sit here all day and really get into detail :)

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I believe there are some subtle styling changes as well.

Clear rear light clusters and slightly different front fog lights.

Also possibly the front grill has altered slightly.

I've just bought a 2002 LS430 and couldn't be happier with it.

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:offtopic: Stop this immediately!!

I've not long just got fixed on keeping my Ser 4 LS 400, rather than moving up to a 430, so I don't want to read any wonder-reports about them!!!

From what I read, the 430 rides a bit firmer than the Ser 4? (Maneesh?) So, I'll keep my REAL LS, you others can pay for that added 'Beemer-like' ride? :angry::crybaby:

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2004 models also had exhaust tips at rear on display, which the originals didn't have showing...

My 94 Celsior has a mini bar, washing machine,tumble dryer,kitchen sink with double drainer ( with matching walnut trim) in the boot and I have retro fitted an inflatable butler in place of the passenger air bag to serve the drinks!!!!!!!!!

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