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Is200 Drivers Window Problem

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My IS200 drivers side window was smashed and I had AutoGlass replace it, however, the chap couldn't figure out how to reset the auto up sensor. The IS200 (V reg) has auto up and down on the drivers side window only. If you use auto up and there is something in the window, like an arm, it senses it and doesn't let the window go up all the way which would injure a person whose arm was in the window. When AutoGlass replaced my window, I used the auto up and when it reached the top it sensed something was hindering the up movement and then rolled back down again. Does anyone know how to set it so the window goes up all the way and stays up?

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Hi and welcome to LOC.

Don't really know the answer to the problem but you could try resetting the ECU. Disconnect the Battery neg lead and leave for few minutes then connect again. You will lose the radio presets and time on the clock.

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Or Reset it by:

1. Make sure the ignition is turned off

2. Remove the engine bay fuse box cover

3. Remove the 20Amp/25Amp EFI fuse

4. Remove the 15Amp ETCS fuse

5. Wait 30 seconds

6. Re-insert the two fuses

7. Install the fuse box cover

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With the window in the down position, send the window up and hold your finger on the button

When the window reaches the top continue to hold the up button for a further 20 secs

Now send the window down fully on auto and send it back up, it should go up fully on auto and now stay closed

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