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Blue Led Gauge Swap ?

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made my speed gauges all blue LED £25 worth of blue leds in em (looks mint as fuk)

but bored of blue i want to go bk to orignal orange

if any one wants to swap der standard orange speed gauges for a blue one give me a shout :)

also got blue AC panel altho yall have to take out the LED light guide bit n put in ur own as mine ac panal broke somin burnt out so now lcd dont work neither does the seat belt flasher thing

and a snow / traction button all blue

will take pics of it all tonight

if u want ne thing just ask :)

me getting another ac panel n will convert every thing bk to orange

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heres some pics

prob need to make the heater control a bit dimmer as its so bright u can cleary see it lit up IN THE DAY lol

all i can see is i got proper respect to fargo for working this one out that ac uni took me 3 days solid to do it properly sooooooooo hard fitting all them leds into the very very crampt space would never wont to do it again LOL





my old series design will dint work LOL new design each LED has its own resistor :)



pictures actually turned out pretty nice LOL kinda want to keep them now (bidding on another heater unit lol as my lcd dispay broke now :()

nah cant be assed with it to much hassle had my fun LOL

any thing blue is up for swap / sale give me a shout :)

+ i got lots of BLUE leds lol got like 5 of them suoperstar 1w 180degree ones 2 u use for the dash any one wants them 2 give me a shout

stupid no fuel :( lol

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another thing i noticed was while the heater unit was ou the hand brakelight dint work (for handbrake) yet with unit back in it works

y the fuk would the hand brake light be routed through the heater controls LOL

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prob needs a few resisters befor the main feed dim it down a bit lol

u no were i can get another heater control from fargo ?? one i bid on ebay got outbid when i was sleeping :(

just spoke to dad hes well good with eletronics n said he will wire a varible resistor he has up to my heater leds so u can set the light level to match the dash deffo the way forward hehe

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What you want for the A/C panel or just plastic bit with the LED's in? cause i'll have them.

As well as the traction buttons?

you got any pics of the traction buttons and how you did the leds? they were to fiddly for me to bother with.

And i'd like the a/c cause it looks a lot tidier than my effort.


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ill do a stright swap for traction / snow button

can have heater / ac parts for £10er (light guide + 4 blue button leds + lcd back lamp leds) + light controler circuit ill add in few days

need to wait till i source another heater / ac unit tho hehehe :)

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