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Are Us Men Becoming The Weaker Sex.....


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Hi all,

There are few things in life that wind me up, but one that is getting up my goat are TV adverts just recently.

Look at the adverts next time they are on and sit back and just look at the sexist comments and actions that make the man look stupid.

For example

New weetabix called oatabix, lorry turns up with stupid name on the side and man asks man 'whats that then', well you know who comes up with the oh so clever name don't you, yes his bloomin wife, clever cow.


Flippin Kinda, three women sitting drinking coffee and eating kinda bars, only to drop some cutlery just so the waiter can bend over and pick it up so they can eye up his bottom, the dirty old mares.


Pcworld, why is is that the women no more about the product they are buying than the bloke who is selling it, he can't get a word in edge ways with her rantin on about hard drives and duel core, shut up and let him tell you about it love.


Diet coke, women get stuck in lift, self inflicted i might add, press the emergency button just to be rescued by the hunky bloke who looks like he got better things to do than rescue finger happy sweet toothed troggs.

You can see where this is going can't you.

This is just the tip of the ice berg, women are taking over the world.

When the adverts next come on take a ganda at them and look at it from my point of view and you know i am right.

And the worst thing of all, we don't wear bra's etc so we can't stand in the street burning them to stand up for our equal rights.

We are doomed and it's only the start, all we have is our Lexus's, so what ever you do don't let 'her' talk you into selling it as it will be the slippy slope down to the peugeot dealer and she will have you driving a 206cc before you know it. :o

Laters, 'i wear the trousers, thankyou' Pumatron :D

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The adverts I hate are those totally sexist Dimond Car insurance adverts where its implied that men are "boy racers" and women are safe. The group of women then laugh at some bloke for some reason which I can't remember.....

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I wear the pants round here.....thats what the other half says anyway :)

LOL its a UK site so they are called trousers ok.

And as for women becoming the stronger s*x I wear the trousers in my house, well at least when she lets me he he

It was early and i couldnt spell trousers at the time :)

Americanisms are finding a way in to our everyday lives...sneaky lil sods..........

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I saw an article today about should we have women commentators on football!!

Well the answer is no!! :angry:

Football is a blokes sport and it's our right to go the pub on a sunday afternoon watch the match and down 10 pints without a woman in sight. Plus i dont want to sit their while some woman who knows naff all about football trying to explain the offside rule using her lipstick and purse.

It's ours i tell you ours.

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fact is we are becoming redundant as "wimmin" will soon be able to produce sperm... girl babies of course as there missing the male chromosome

Well that's it then, once they figure out how to operate petrol lawnmowers we're doomed...

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