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New Coilovers For Me!


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Oh they definately look the part matey. What are the stats on them? Lowering etc? Did they turn out to be expensive?

Can't wait to see the results once installed :D


Here's a link to some info on them, they are the Type Street standard ones i think 960 Euro Getting them fitted tomorrow. Will stick up some pics when done

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Knock knock knock.....................


@ Lee: Ye im interested in seeing the results!! Getting them fitted by a place called the Tuning Factory in Dublin, same place i bought them off. They are the distributor for D2 coilovers in Ireland. Getting them fiited tomorrow. They have a good setup in their shop but i still think ill need to spin over to tonu in the summer to get the geometry done as the word confuses people over here!

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very smart like the colour they costly ?

960 euro + 180 fitting

So before pic:


and with the coilovers fitted: :lol:


Rear lowered:


Front lowered:


Opinions?? Not sure how much its lowered but just enough, no rubbing at all. the dampening is set quite firm at the mo ill get that changed at the weekend to a bit softer. rides the bumps well and no scraping on the ramps. Only thing im worried about is the way they secured the brake line onto the coilover, its just held on with a cable tie


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They look, the dogs b0llocks!

What a transformation :D

You must be well chuffed!? You will definately have to try and find out how much it has been lowered by....


Cheers Jamie, only driven a few miles on them so yet to fully test them out. Now all i need is to get the geometry done! but no one over here does it as far as i know. A trip to the WIM soon i think is on order so!!

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i like them might get a set my self as current ones have died lol

were did u order from ?

Got them from a local plcae in Dublin called Tuning Factory, 655 GBP they work out at, not sure where u can get them in the UK. Delivery from Ireland would be pricey as they are heavy bastids!

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