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Notice Of Inteneded Prosecution


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Long story short, get home today to find one of the above :tsktsk:

Now on this letter it just states;

Alleged Offence of Speeding - exceed 30mph on restricted road - manned equipment at 14.03:23 on 21/072007

Their is no mention of what speed I was doing over the 30mph. What should I do? Contest it? Any advice much appreciated!


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i had one of these mate. you have to admit you were driving and then they send you the confirmation of speed etc.

its a bummer mate, but there's not really anything you can do about it.

i found that out and got the honorary 3 points.

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A6005 Abbey Bridge Nottingham! Just gets under my skin that I have to pay £60 and that gets spent in the system how exactly?!! :tsktsk: Obviosuly im not to happy about the points either!!!!!

Thanks for the pointers Sparkystav and DJ Wozza, looks like im gonna have to take it on the to many other Court cases im battling agaisnt my previous employer without more paper chasing headache!

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