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Decating The Exhaust


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Hi there..I m Arman from Bangladesh..I just got a JDM spec Altezza (lexus is200 version with Beams 1G-FE)..despite having a trd light weight main pully n a blitz nur specr exhaust, maa ride is as slow as a boat..few people suggested me that i should go for a decat...i m utterly confused..has ne ne1 out here went for a decat?? If so..den wot iz the result?? Plz i need help, suggestion or anythin regarding this..

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I have a decat pipe in mine, just got it custom made by the local Exhaust maker, about £100. But also theres precats in the exhaust manifold that you can take out, but cutting open the manifold and scrapping them out then reelding, or getting an aftermarket manifold.

If you remove the main cat you'll prob need a o2 simulator to stop the warning ecu light coming up cause the final o2 sensor will see the gas un filtered and send an ecu code.


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mostly if you have any form of forced induction such as a turbo or a supercharger..

I think that with a normaly aspirated engine that you wont see as many gains unless there are further tuning done to the cars engine... will make it sound a bit deeper though..

I had my pre cats cut out completely and a new section of pipework re-welded into place.. made it sound very raspy and fast!

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