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Battery Problem On Ls430

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I have a 2005 Lexus LS430 which gives me Battery problems quite frequently. Sometimes I would have just left the car overnight and the next morning the Battery is flat. Sometimes I would go to visit someone and a few hours later when i try and start it, the Battery is dead. I need to jump start it everytime this happens.

Could this be a faulty Battery or could it be something else?

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I thinks there has been a few postings on "dodgy" batteries for the LS430, some of them started by me as I am in a similar situation!! Firstly, I got my bettery and alternator checked. My alternator is fine. My Battery is weak because I dont use my LS430 enough (approx 25 miles a week for short journeys).

In past postings, they say common faults for the Battery is a unsuspected drain. The main one being the boot light always on - so please check this first. Also, the alarm uses power, so Im trying to use the key to lock the car rather than the smart key / alarm - hopefully this will use less Battery power.

I suggest going through the past postings and see what has been said

Good luck!

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The first thing to do is get a new battery. No point in wasting time looking for a fault when the most likely cause is a weak battery. Usually the first time you have battery problems is in the cold weather. Good Luck!

Probably better to get the Battery checked prior to buying a new one, may not be faulty. Mine had gone flat twice in a couple of months. First time RAC said Battery was fine, just not enough driving to replace charge as only using for short runs. Second time it started after I waited 10 mins with everything off. Had Battery checked at Halfords and A1 Motor accessories who both said it just needed charging or a decent run. Battery charged up OK on a run. If using just for short trips the Battery doesn't have chance to replace the power used to fire the car up.

RAC man also said he gets a few calls for nonstarting Lexus 430 (LS, GS, SC) and it's always cars used on mainly short runs.

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If it needs replacing, I would suggest you buy an uprated battery with a

higher Ah (amp hour) rating than the one currently fitted.


I tried this when mine went a while back, the standard one fitted is the biggest size that will fit in the holder, on a lot of cars you can put a physically bigger Battery in but you can't on the 430 as it's hemmed in by other things, you can't get a larger amp hour Battery that isn't any bigger in size, I know because I tried. I fitted a Bosch Silver to mine, I have had them before and they last well, they come with a 4 year warantee.

Now with a bosch Battery and bosch wiper blades am I turning it into a Mer**des or even worse a B*W....... :whistling::whistling:


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