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Need A Hobby


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I got 6 weeks off work left all my leave until the last min so have to take it or lose it

anyways 3 days in and am soooo bored work and playstation is kinda all i do apart from watch telly

anyone any idea what i can do suggestions. cleaned the car twice in 3 days thats how bored

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Guest inicol63

If you need a hobbie come round and clean my car and do my gardening and decorating.

That keep you busy until you return to work...

You could always make up your own website....

Go out and take some photo's

Help out at a children hospice...

Help out a old person with shopping helping them keep warm

The last two will make you feel greaaaat...

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Am from sunny bradford like the idea of watching box all day well went to london to the gaza protest so when i go back in to work and anyone asks do anything with your holls? thought can mention that as doing something constructive aswel as having a realy shiny is200 polished and waxed it again today played streetfighter 2 alpha and clocked it 4 times with diff players that game so addictive

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Just found out today that I'm off work for another six to seven weeks as well now!

I bought a load of CBT CDs and DVDs off eBay so I'm thinking maybe get some exams out the way!

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Stuff that :lol:

I've already got three seasons of Entourage to watch and season two of Dexter I'm a few in now!

Joined up for that Tesco DVD Rental and they're sending them out faster than I can watch them too!!

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Buy a Logitech G25 steering wheel and pedals here

and then download/buy Live For Speed here

Then get gaming, its the best driving simulator i've ever been on. Its so dam realistic and with the G25 its even better.

Then learn to drift/race/set up your perfect car whatever you want, then if you get bored start learning how to make kick ***** vids like these.

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