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2 Questions Plz


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hi guys few questions please.

i have seen alot of cars with really shinny paint especially in black color.

i mean black shiny and some cars have very very shiny like extra glossy

shiny black -vs- high glossy shiny black

here are 2 pics just to give you some idea what im actually trying to say. if you look at porche its clean shiny black but other car is very glossy shiny . how do u get this kinda glossy finish ? what do u use some special wax or some kind off glossy sealent ?


other car

my second question is my bumpers are slightly dull compare to body paint. i mean bumpers give black matt finish if you look very closely. can i buy some thing of the shelf to give them glossy look or paint job is the only option ?

cheers guys

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Guest inicol63

Get your self over to detailing world site address is

I have a black car and your need to wash then dry and then clay your car first.

Then add wax by collinite 476 ebay number 260367471647 i added this as ref item look for cheapest price.

If you want to buy a polisher then i recommend g220 from item number from ebay 170254088413 or use elbow grease.

Then finally your need a polish to finish like Autoglym ultra gloss.

Collinite for info should be added twice around now and againbefore winter sets in.

If you choose to buy a g220 then utube as a video on how to use it which is worth while watching first.

Good luck and get rubbing

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You've that the wrong way round - wax goes on last, unless you're using the likes of Zaino Z-8 or Dodo Juice Red Mist.

AG UGP, will be unlikely to bond to the wax layer, and may even strip it somewhat.

SRP most definitely will due to the abrasives in its make up.

Procedure is:

Wash, clay (whilst wet), then dry.

After that, you can use a glaze like Meg's #7 or Dodo Lime Prime Lite, before the wax is applied. Throw on the Z-8 or Red Mist after an hour or two's curing of the buffed off wax layer(s), if you fancy.

If going for a sealant first, then forget the glaze, and apply it to the dry paintwork, or after a further cleanse with IPA (Isopropanol/Isopropyl Alcohol).

Leave for up to 24 hours to cure, depending on which sealant is used, then apply the wax layer or two.

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I think the problem with the bumpers is probably due to the way they've been painted in the past - you notice that on a lot of cars as those parts are plastic and seem to react to the paint differently?

The paint on these is a solid black too, it's not clearcoated, and these do seem to have quite a bit of orange peel which would need professional work to get totally flat. If that's sorted though it does make the car look like a mirror!

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yea i think bympers would need pro touch up . they are not bad im just being very picky and fussy..i'll get quote from pro and lets see what he says...

i had a good look at detailing sites , God im more confused now :) every one recommends some thing different.

im gona try few things today lets see what happens i'll post some pics later and names of stuff im gona use..

cheers guys

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i had a good look at detailing sites , God im more confused now :) every one recommends some thing different.

There are lots of products so everyone has their own favourites. At the end of the day if a product is easy to use and produces a good result you'd probably recommend it. So you probably won't go wrong with any of the common recommendations over on the detailing sites.

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here you go i spent about 3 hours today and used turtle wax black magic its wax and polish 2 in 1. i washed car first and then just used this . very happy with results. here are pics :)

is that the stuff that comes with the little chipstick thingy ?

looks like a nice finish buddy , im going to have to do mine on Wednesday as my poor baby has been 641 miles in the last 36 hours its absolutely filthy.

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I'm not a detailing geek just a bloke who likes a shiny car and doesn't want to do it every couple of weeks :whistling:

I spent a lot of time looking round the internet and everybody has an opinion but nobody can back it up with fact....except this bloke. Brilliant 6 month test of waxes/polishes.

Then there is the slightly dodgy test done by AutoExpress

You can get Autoglym High Definition from these people on ebay for £26 delivered next day by FedEx.

It was hard work to apply and buff compared to the usual liquids but the result is almost wet-look. If it lasts for months and months as per the 6 month test above I'll be very happy indeed. Didn't use any other product, just the AG-HD and a bit of elbow grease.


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