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Just Bought A Is200 Sport & Found Out Something I Never Knew!

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I have just bought a 51 IS200 Sport...... Really happy!!!!!!

The garage is taking my Pug 206 in PX so hopefully collecting tomorrow as he is going to give it a full valet and put 12 months MOT on.

I have just found out that there is an IS200 Estate..... This is fantastic news as my Husband loves the IS200 but needs an Estate for our dogs, Bullmastiff & German Shepherd.

Are the Estates any good, what kind of boot space do they have and I take it they share the same parts like brakes, exhaust etc as the saloon?

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Yep the sportscross should be pretty similar to the saloon partswise, it came out in 2001 I think as IS300 only, and then the 200 version was launched a bit later (probably around 03 I think)

With the seats up I think they actually have a smaller boot than the saloon bizarrely, but obviously the folding seats and the extra height make the space a lot more usable.

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just a really weird shape im afraid.........ugly even...doesnt even look that practical..for dogs get something 'normal' :winky: (would you really want to put dogs in a Lex... :shutit: )

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they look dont see alot of them.

I have one since Wednesday. An IS200 Sportcross. They are very rare in Belgium.

Not very practical for dogs in the boot as height is limited. The floor can be lowered about 15 cm or use it to hide all kinds of stuff (charger cables etc. ) underneath.

You can fold the rear seats so longer objects fit in.

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