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Hi Guys!

For some strange reason, my internal switch under the dash to open the boot has stopped working on my LS430! It has worked previously. Everything else works ie the switch on the actual boot, internal boot light etc. Just that internal switch has stopped opening the boot. Very strange. I havent done anything (I dont think!). Any thought on what I can do or check? Do I need to check any fuses and if so which one?

Also I notice (and Im not sure if its connected with the above fault) that the internal bulb light on the actual boot has gone. Is this a Lexus only part or can I get it from any motor spare shop.

As ever, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Does the LS work similar to the mk1 GS where their is the ability to disable the unlock button so that you can leave things in the boot without fear of a smashed window and the boot being released from inside the car (or for when valet parking etc). On the GS, there is a button next to the switch which takes the ignition key. If you press the button, it disables the release button and you use your key to unlock it and re-enable the release button. If that all makes sense! :lol:

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this also applies to the IS, but works in a different way, if I turn my key 90 degrees left this disables the internal boot release...

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There is a lock to disable to internal boot switch near the switch and could be accidentaly hit.

Use your key to unlock it, and then try.

If it still does not work, press the lock button in and lock to disable the internal switch, then unlock it again and try and see if this has unclogged the system.

The internal switch will also not work if the Battery is dead.

Is your Battery dead?

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Hi all

Thanks for the advice. No my Battery is not dead so I had a look at the internal boot able / disable lock. It looks like the lock is in the lock position which is probably why the boot is not opening from the internal switch. I have tried to put it in the unlock position with my key but strangely my key is too big to fit in!!! How strange! I can not seem to put it in the unlock position!!

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The LS430 has a key which is restricted, so it is unable to unlock the glove-box and the internal boot switch.

It is the key that is recommended for use with vallet parking or the like, to restrict strangers getting at your valuables in the glove-box or boot, whilst they are in use of the car.

There is also a master key, which will lock and unlock everything, as well as being able to put the window's up and down and so on.

I suspect that you may be trying to use the restricted key. This key will have allowed you to drive the car and do many functions so perhaps till now you have not realised you have been using the restricted key.

If you have a spare key, maybe that is the master. Give it a go.

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Hi guys

Thanks the replies / ideas. The barrelled lock next to the internal boot switch looks like its in its locked position. Im not sure how that happened as up until only a few days ago I could open the boot from the internal boot switch.

I have 2 keys which i thought one would fit and unlock the barrelled lock. As mentioned one key is too big to fit in the barrel (but can lock / unlock the driver's door from outside). Th eother key fits the barrel but does not turn it. To tell you the truth, Im not sure what this key is for! (any ideas??)

Any suggestions on what I can do to turn the barrelled lock without an expensive trip to Lexus?


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Does the key that fits in, go all the way in, or only half way in?

If it goes all the way in, you need to turn it very very gently whilst letting the pressure off so the barrel lock can come out.

If it only fits half way in, then you need to press a little harder and give the key a shudder as you do so, so the key goes all the way in.

I found it a little tricky first time it happened to me.

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Thanks for the advice. The key that does fit the barrel does go all the way down, however no matter how I turn it (gently, firmly, pusjing in, pushing out etc), it will not move! So I persume I am back at square one!

I am assuming from your previous post regarding a warranty issue you had with Lexus Bradford that you purchased from Lexus Bradford as an Approved Used? If so you should have all keys (Master & Sub) and the car would have come with 12 months warranty. If so then the thing to do is take it to them to fix.

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Thanks for the reply. I did not buy my 430 from Lexus Bradford (in a way Im sort of thankful I didnt based on them taking nearly six authorise a fix of a large rust spot on my boot lid and them never returning my calls!) - it was a pricate sale.

Its looking like I may have to pop to Lexus after all.... (unless someone has a spare key that fits???)


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