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Things That Go Bump In The Night

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hello peeps

saturday night was halloween so i went to my mates house party

during the night his girlfriend decided to take her car out and banged into my rear quarter!!!!!

not happy

the drivers side rear quarter is got a big dent and all scraped and the bumper brackets are snapped...

the light is ok however

so far iv been qouted.... 270 .... 529... and 779... from local garages 779 being the place insurers take cars to...

i went to the police at first as she denied doing it but now admits it and says she will pay ( without knowing iv been to police ). .. i dont know if i did the right thing or not

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phone the police say the person that hit you car has contacted you and its being sorted and they will close case . but only if you are sure she will pay but yes i think you did right thing

if someone hit my car and denied it i would call police if you let one person get away with damaging your car who knows what damage they will do to next car

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a girl hit my car and denied it a few years back. i had a witness to it but she still denied it and drove off.

I contacted the police and when she was stopped it turned out she didnt have a full licence.

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ok the boot admitted it and said i would get to claim her mums insurance and a few days later theyv decided theyre denying it and wont answer the police when they try to contact them!

i have texts admitting the incident but apparantly these wont do anything for me

it looks like i have to go to the cheap place as i cant afford anything higher

what are my options now??? what would you do? im getting really tempted to drive out there at stupid oclock and let my rage swing freely!as they live in the middle of nowhere

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The driver who has been involved in a road traffic accident when damage occurs to another vehicle must stop and, if required to do so by any person having reasonable grounds for so requiring, give their name and address and also the name and address of the owner and the identification marks of the vehicle, i.e. index number.

If for any reason the driver of the car does not give his name and address, they must report the accident.

A person who fails to comply with the above is guilty of the offence.

If they have not or will not do this then you should remind the police of your report and continue down this line, why should you lose out for someone else’s incompetence. I would advise keeping the text messages as they are a type of evidence especially if it goes to court.

The only thing I can foresee which I may have missed is whether it happened on private land (i.e. drive) or on a road or public place, the law requires on a road or public place, have you also told your insurance company, give them her registration number as they can access details.

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it was on her private land yes as i was at her house ... i dont have her regi plate as at the time i didnt notice till i stopped the car on the way home ( she lives a 45 min drive away ) the police havent got back to me lately and i work silly hours, but tommorow i will be off and straight down there. cant believe the nerve of some people

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