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Hoshi Alloy Wheel Paint Code + Lexus Paint In General

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Does anyone have the paint code for the off silver/blackish paint on Genuine Lexus Hoshi alloys.

My theory is its white primer, then painted black, then painted sparingly silver to give this effect.

I had a scratched alloy ( marked around the wheel nuts, on its last service) touched up/ painted at the dealers and they have made a poor job, also the alloy does no match the others on the car. It looks like they have just sprayed it silver and not put the back undercoat on.

Do these alloys suffer from corrosion, if so then this could be a solution.


Anyone else had problems with the paint on their IS250, even the lightest touch causes scratches. My two year old ran down the side of car and managed to scratch it with just his finger nails. Ive also found what looks like water marks in the paint on the bonnet which will not polish out.

I have also noticed the paint around the boot lid is scratched like its rubbing on the bumper.

Take it back, yes. But every time it goes to the dealers I find new scratches on it and it cost £10 in fuel for the round trip.

Anyone else had these issues? Its nice to be forearmed, prior to the dealer viist.

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I think those wheels are painted using black chrome paint - when I had my wheels refurbed that was one of the finishes on offer, I think any decent wheel refurber should be able to do it.

The bootlid on bumper thing has been covered on here a few times, people have definitely had this repaired under warranty and there was a recent thread of how they now have a fix to prevent this from happening (slightly longer rubber stops) so make sure they fit those as well.

As for the scratches, Lexus cars generally have quite soft paint, but that doesn't sound great - is that a proper "down to the primer" scratch just using fingernails? I'd have that checked over if it was mine. Maybe have the paint thickness measured as well to see if there are any deficiencies.

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Sorry for the late reply but there are 3 shades of Hoshi wheel colours all of which can be matched by the Specialists.'05 to early '07 were mid-grey,then dark grey to Summer '08 then chrome-effect from September 2008.

A good Refurber will match your Hoshi for c.£50 & they are said to be highly corrosion resistant!


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