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Low Engine Oil Level Warning Light


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First of all, Merry Christmas to everybody! :)

This Christmas my car also gave me a "present". Once driving, the lamp started to turn on occasionally for short periods. Checked the oil level after a few hours - it seems that there was still approximately 1/3 above the MIN mark on the oil dip stick. Running fully synthetic 5/40W oil. Has anybody had the same "problem" before with oil levels higher than MIN? I was first afraid of low oil pressure (possible oil pump failure?), but it seems that there is a seperate warning light in the dashboard indicating the oil pressure.

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Like Tony said I think the warning is oil pressure.

I would assume that the air temperatures and fairly low where you are right now, if so 5W40 should be ok.

Top the oil up as I know that when the level is lowish in my car it will light up when braking because the oil is moving around in the sump.

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I wasnt aware that the car had an oil level light either.

If its the red light looks like an oil can then you have no oil presure.

If it is the red light then i would get it loked at asap and not drive it too much, after all its a warning light to say you have NO oil pressure.

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According to owner's manual:

Orange - Low engine oil level warning light

Red - Low oil pressure warning light

The one I see once driving sometimes with lower engine oil level is the organge one...

Yes, I have the same problem. I bought new oil level sensor and now I am looking for time window to change it.

If you didn't have oil leak then don't be afraid about that light. I drove with it on about 10K km.

In the US lexus forum somebody had written that he had removed the sensor connector :) just to stop bothering..

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