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My car doesn’t need a M.O.T, but as a walked past a garage the other day and saw a car having a M.O.T done with the engine running and a pipe stuck up the exhaust checking its CO2 , I started to wonder how would they check that on my 450h, if the car is hot when I take it in the engine wont run, well not for some time & even if it does it wont for long, so has any one got any idea on how they do it?.

Also Iam not sure if I got the wrong end of the stick, but last week when I took my car in for its first service I was eves dropping on to sales people, I herd one say that he has just returned from Geneva and had seen the NEW GS, the way he was talking Iam sure he didn’t just mean a face lift, any one no if a new one is due & if so when?

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No exhaust gas test on hybrid vehicles, mine has had 2 MOT tests and there is no analist of the gas required because the vehicle is able to propel its self using electricity.

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