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fitting aftermarket front speakers - IS200

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I've been meaning to investigate whether it's feasible to get a line level output from the standard front end as i don't wanna trash the dash ...

Then change all the speakers + pile my subs and Genesis amps in the boot ...

Having said that i'm such a lazy arse these days i'm not sure i'll ever get round to it :)

That and the fact my local dealer won't sell me the workshop manuals for my car - the Danish dealer i bought it from would but there's about half a dozen @ 100ukp+ each .... Ouch!

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For those of you that want some pretty detailed info on amp/sub instalations have a look at .net -loads of info there and SOME members are very helpful.

ill get the front speaker post sorted soon.

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LLC,soon as i can get some i will be re-doing all the hifi,here in bloomin germany he aint got the foggiest what im talkin about.............

i was going to rip everything out and fit Mcintosh stuff,but the final cost was in the thousands,so im electing to go with dynaudio components in the doors and rear shealf,and not sure yet but may put my x2 10" rocky punch subs in the boot doing the port through the ski hatch melarky.......not decided on amp/amps yet possibly DSL or genisis or Hi-fonics

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6.5" in the front utilsing the original spaeker housing and sealing them in, and 3/4" tweets in the doors, 6 x 9's in the rear fit staright in. You can use a Hi to Low level convertor if you are powering off the oem H/unit no probs,.

do you realise this thread is nearly three years old?

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Well Ive just bought one or two bits. Ive got a Alpine Cabinet for the boot, with a Alpine Mono Amp for it, a couple of Kicker's to replace the rear speakers and a whole bag full of wires and complicated looking connections. All I have to do now is fathom out how to connect it all in. Im seriously thinking of ordering a new head unit aswell, which will also be Alpine with the iPod link. I know there is a double din face plate available for the IS now so you can add to it with a dvd on the top, but thats for the future.

All this jargon talk about ICE really confuses me, I dont have a damm clue, the last time I needed to buy a stereo was for my capri about 15 years ago, and it had push buttons at the front with the red radio needle that moved when you pressed them in.......and it had Long Wave ! :D

I would like a nice install in the boot, has anyone got a template so I can build a false floor? Ive got the sub-box, and will have one amp for that, plus another for the rest of it, plus 2 x polished alloy 11lb bottles for nitrous and CO2. should look nice - shopping will have to go on the back seat !

Any advice at all about wiring this lot in would be nice, I understand that you need to totally re-wire everything, something about the amp being seperatefrom the standard head unit??

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I have a kicker substation(bandpass unit),2 blaupunkt 6*9, pioneer sub-amplifier, blaupunkt head uit and blaukpunkt dvd player. I took this out of the previous car that I owned. I dont have a clue as to what to do now. I was thinking of purchasing a facia plate and installing my stuff, but my dash looks so great, its a shame to spoil it.

The OEM music does not even compare to what I had before,but it looks so great.

I just cannot decide what to do?

there is a thread somewhere about soldering RCA jacks unto the circuit board of the lexus player, I might even do that.

just dont know...........(and yes, I now realized this thread is about 3 years old.) ;)


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