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will this be what my next is300 looks like

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well i have been told by Lexus GB that they will bring in 1 yellow is300,just for me,v-special order,(this would be my 4th lexus in 2.5 years)

it would be the only officially imported yellow is300 in europe...........:o

thats why i want yellow.......the wheels are 19

19x10 rear 19x 9 front

wald wide arch kit

wald side skirts

TRD grill

TRD rear spoiler

thats all i need:cool:

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Okay, I smell fudge.

Take a good look at those two pictures. Exactly the same position on that track. Exactly the same wheel positions. Someone has fudged one into being a coupe, and you wouldn't get treads on those skid marks.

My other beef is unfortunately with yellow, but that's because Stoke is rife with Puntos and Saxos around the retail parks. Maybe they promote Morrissons? The Renault Megane is another culprit. Having said that, I've contemplated ordering a new Elise in yellow. I just think some cars can get away with it, but only a few, not a Lexus.

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the second is a photo shoped whole intentions of getting the yellow are the fact........

it will be the only official yellow is300 in what will that do for its value in years to come.......THE BIG PICTURE:D

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having just spoken with someone from lexus,there is a possibility that as im getting a special order(yellow) we are gonna try and push to get a manual box fitted aswell.

initially they said its not possible as the manual box cannot handle the power,once i pointed out that they have the 5 speed manual in the US,i was told to contact them again Monday..........;)

will i have the first manual is300 in the UK


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I'd heard it was the SIX speed manual that couldn't take the 3 litre grunt.

Presumably the 5 speeder is a bit more robust.

And that's the same worry i have about fitting the kompressor ...

Specially as people are having bother with the 6 speed box in standard cars ...

But then mine is a 2001 so i guess should have the revised box.

Think i'll have a chat with our man Frank next week.

Quite fancy the idea of fitting it myself :o

I feel the sensible head burying itself in the bottom of the wardrobe again :P

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