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hey, have a little problem with my lexus is220d SE, basicly, when i turn my rear window de-mister, i get terrific radio interference, can anybody help as to why it's happening. Its not happened for a while, only been happening for the past month.

it also has a hidden arial, dont know if that helps

thankyou, jamie

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Check the connections on the antenna filter/amplifier. They works slightly loose. Its above the roof lining on the left hand side as it joins the demister.

Also, is it tinted?(as well as factory). Some tints can cause it as there is a standing wave in the metalised film when the demister is on. Also, if the rear window is very dirty on the inside it can cause a capacitive change on the demister.

Is it interference or lack of signal? i.e. if you are listening to a station with interference, can you tune into another (stronger) station and its ok? If it is, then it is a lack of signal which could indicate a fault in the antenna amplifier.

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Geoffers, I've noted what you've said here.

Very interesting and useful to know.

Have you any tips on cleaning the inside of the rear window

screen on my IS250 F-Sport MY2011?

It has looked a bit 'hazy' recently.

So I wiped it gently, with a micro fibre cloth.

It smeared some areas.

Probably made them worse than before!

I'm concerned not to damage those fine radio and sat nave aerial wires in the window.


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I just use newspaper and glass cleaner with vinegar but I got given some stuff a while ago that you put on and it turned to dust almost after a few minutes. Once you wiped it off It brought the windows up great. It was from a professional car cleaner though and he just put a bit in a plastic bottle for me. He wouldn't tell me what it was but I was reading a post on here about glass cleaning and someone was saying Meguiars (I think) that appears to do the same thing.

As for the heater wires, I don't use solvent based cleaners for exactly the same reason.

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My last IS250 did that after the rear window been refitted (to kill an annoying clicking noise). Has any work been done on the rear window on your car?

I have no idea, only had the car a few months, just getting rid of all the niggly things now. just gotta go to the dealersip to get a cracking sound dealt with behind the dash ha, and the radio.

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Geoffers, very useful.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

I've got plenty of old newspapers, vinegar and, I'm a fan of Meguiars products.

I'll try both methods.

The MY 2011 rear window is difficult to access to clean, as you probably know.

You have to fold the rear headrests forward to ease access.

That's no problem but, you need to be quite flexible to get to all the glass area.

Oh for a hatchback (when you need to do jobs like this) ! :phone:


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Have the same Problem as Jamie when my car went in to Lexus for a service i mentioned this, if i hit the Demister button all FM signals are hiss crackle but AM are fine, the service dept said oh it will be your rear screen the wires probably damaged

But i have only noticed this happens since we have had nothing but rain and the inside screens have so much condensation on them but when we have had a dry day and a bit of sun Like last Sunday 16th Feb it has been fine during the day,

but this morning as it was cold overnight the condensation comes back and it starts again.

Just seen a picture of the amplifier and i am wondering if this might have condensation on the inside.

is it easy to access this amplifier without to much trouble


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