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Remove Parcel Shelf To Access Subwoofer

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Evening fellas,

I am trying to remove the rear parcel shelf to access the sub woofer. I am wondering if someone can help me. I have been following the instructions below and am stuck on step 5. Basically I can see the white retainer clips but can't free the parcel shelf of them. Don't want to use to much force in case I break something. Has anyone here removed the parcel shelf here? Any advice would be really appreciated.

1. Remove rear seat bottom. Lift the front lip on passenger / driver side and slide forward. The bunk will come out easily. The seat belt latches are attached to the frame under the bunk. Just pull them through the slits in the seat bottom.

2. Remove the (4) 12mm bolts securing the seat back. They are located along the bottom edge of the seat back. There are additional bolts along this edge not requiring removal. Just remove the ones holding down the u-shaped retainer bars from the seat back.

3. Remove the adjustable seat belt retainers. This step is optional, but eases lifting out the seat back. It also helps to have a stubby phillips-head screwdriver. Remove the seat belt retainers on the shoulders of the back seat cushion. These are secured by (3) screws ea.

4. Remove the seat back. As referenced in other posts, removing the seat back is easier with two people. I raised it by propping a knee under the bottom and lifting at the top where it joins near the back deck. You will be surprised how high you have to lift the back to get it to come loose. Just lift it up and pull the top forward. Move it to the side. You don’t have to take it completely out of the car.

5. Lift the back deck. To get to the factory sub, you only have to lift the front lip of the deck 3-4 in. Complete removal of the deck is not required. Start on one side, and slightly pry with a long flat-blade screwdriver. Get about 1/2in of separation and then shine a flashlight under the deck to spot the white retainer clips. They are recessed a few inches from the front lip of the deck. It's more effective to pry at or near the clip to pop it up and loose. If memory serves, there are only two or three of them.

6. Remove the Sub. A small air ratchet with a short 10mm socket comes in handy as you must remove (4) 10mm bolts around the sub. Prop up the lip of the deck, or hold it up and remove the four bolts. This will be tedious if you don’t have the right tools. To remove the sub wiring connector, I pushed the retainer clip in with a screwdriver while twisting to disconnect the plug. Simply raise the sub and pull it through the deck lip opening. Take care not to puncture it.

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Finally managed to remove the parcel shelf today and took out the subwoofer. This is the most weird looking sub I have ever seen. Just thought I'd post some pictures for you guys.




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There is a crackling noise coming from the sub at lower volumes on some songs. I was hoping to find a rip in it which would mean that I would just have to refoam the surround and it would be just like new again. To my surprise the surround was of decent quality and there are no rips in it. I have been reading on the US forum and think it's the coil that's rattling.

Although I am planning to put in an aftermarket sub and the Mark Levinson sub will eventually be removed from the car I will still try to take it round to the audio experts and see what they make of it.

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