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  1. This should be of some help: 6Q7 = Imperial Jade MICA (thats the main code, the upper body) I think UCAB0 is the lower paint code according to that website...
  2. I'd take this, as its a 93 model I have, could you post it to southern Ireland?
  3. Seems that it was built by a coachbuilder but with Lexus input, nice. Would be a pretty cool car to pick up when the Prince is done with it.
  4. I've read about this on the LS400, its the Idle Control Valve on the power steering hose/pump that goes bad and when it leaks it sucks fluid through the vacuum hoses and causes white smoke out the exhaust. If it gets really bad the leak will drop onto the alternator and cause issues. It's number 2 issue mentioned here: Dont know if its on the 430 though...would hope Lexus would have fixed it by then.
  5. Instrument Cluster needle repair (part 1) So, the speedo and rev needle in the cluster were only half lit, rather annoying with the speedo especially as you have to take a second glance to be sure what speed you are doing: I followed this lovely guide and I went about repair: After taking it apart it was clear that the cluster had given some issues before, no surprise since it seems to be quite common. Hopefully it was the capacitors I should have to deal with that in the near future then! Its quite awkward to apply the grease without making a mess but I managed to get some in there. You can see in this pic the needles are surrounded by a piece of black plastic (means the light from the needle looks sharp rather then glowing around the edges), however it started to crack and come off so had to stick it back on: I had no way to test the unit when it was out of the car (12v source) and ran out of time today so stuck it all back together….and it now kind of works / flashes a bit. At least I know I'm doing the right thing. 20200517_165815.mp4 I’m going to pick up a 12v probe and then next weekend apply some more grease and it get it fully working before reassembly. I’ll put today down as progress at least 🙂
  6. If your in it I hope you win it!! 2 Green LS400s just new on eBay today too, havent seen any new ones for weeks and now 3 in 2 days!
  7. Same colour combo as looks well 🥰 His put a lot of money into it, would love to see it get the reserve of 4500 but in the current market its highly unlikely I would think. Still looks a good buy for whoever gets it.
  8. Price is on the high side...but it is one-off, plus from a little further investigation it looks like a genuine Lexus custom build which surely makes it worth a few more euros.
  9. Just seen this mentioned on Pistonheads. The ultimate LS maybe? You'd really have to be driven in it rather then drive it to get the most from it. I wonder how the handling is effected with the extra length just added into the middle of it.
  10. I read about the PCV for the LS400 after reading such threads (American forum obsessions).....checked it and all working fine, a small bit dirty but nothing to stop it working in anyway so cleaned it up and plugged it back in. I wouldnt bother ordering a replacement until you check your own but would think its perfectly fine.
  11. Attached is the full brochure. I think the equipment list above is more comprehensive. IS300h preFacelift (UK).pdf
  12. This might help, have the full brochure if you need it too:
  13. Are they DHP wheels? Looks too far gone going by the look of the doors and sill, pity.
  14. Read this thread a few weeks back and thought to myself I better check this....when I was out at the car today it popped into my head...and low and behold the same had happened. Thanks @Razor61 Fixed up now, will keep an eye on it.
  15. Had a look at the EGR filter today...and its pretty bad, past the point of cleaning so need to try get a new one. Lexus only sell the complete part with the valve. Anyone know where / what kind of material would be handy that I could cut to size?