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  1. x2 starts at £28k all but £50, and that's a VERY basic car, as soon as you put glass in the windows and a steering wheel on a BMW the cost rockets 😱😈
  2. Looking forward to when I am on my bike, 130kph, banked over and the engine cuts power as it sees 90kph sign for trucks and trailers. Loads of false readings in France as there signage/speed limits are different for conditions etc.
  3. I had a look the other day and the boot is a very strange affair, I lifted up the floor and there is a lot more room under there.it had a foam insert that I assume can be taken out to put in a space saver. I seemed a poor design as it was not a useable area. Its a no from me, shame as it was the sort of size I would have liked but no room for a dog.
  4. There are loads of lumbar supports for cars from £10-£100s on the net, surely worth a try? https://www.morfit.co.uk/car-lumbar-support/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2raJ9piJ4QIVZZPtCh23TAvXEAAYAiAAEgIXyfD_BwE https://www.argos.co.uk/product/5744251?cmpid=GS001&_$ja=tsid:59157|acid:480-316-7430|cid:199887993|agid:17470601553|tid:pla-224971809153|crid:74692317153|nw:g|rnd:7516696282959058611|dvc:t|adp:1o5|mt:|loc:9045578&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2raJ9piJ4QIVZZPtCh23TAvXEAQYBSABEgLgj_D_BwE Have a Google
  5. Even if you have the cash, always worth checking pcp deals, the dealers get large bungs from the manufacturers/finance house. You can get a large discount then pay off the pcp within 14days and be quids in! There will be an admin fee but your share of the finance deal more than makes up for it.
  6. Had it on my GLC, pain in the arsenal. Dogs tail would make it shut, when I sat on the back to put wellies on it would shut, I had a mat that covered the bumper and a bit of wind making it fall and guess what, it would shut! Don't even think about giving the car a wash with the key in your pocket, that would always make it open when round the back...
  7. Let her use a fingerprint! Or tell her the code! WTF.
  8. Just a couple more niggles, the heated seats stay on, they don't reset after the ignition is turned off. Very annoying when you pick so one up and the seat was left on and they get that strange feeling but don't know why... Also why Gracenote! I have an iPod with music and cover photos that the car won't show, it shows old covers and generic covers, why can't I turn that off and show the proper detailes. Anyone used rainx on the rear camera? The lens is plastic and always dirty, thinking it might help?
  9. But the front ones wipe if you leave on auto when you start up, much more likely to damage them, as windscreen isn't heated and not scraped!
  10. Anyone managed to turn off the Gracenote database for a new premium sat nav? I am running an iPod with my music and cover art on (mostly got from Gracenote ) and the car insists on using a load of old stuff, generic photos instead of the ones on my iPod?
  11. So old fashion, the Lamborghini Urus has had them for years... My MB rear view camera was tucked away and popped out only when put in reverse so stayed clean and dry.
  12. Yes you can its in the settings on the speedo not the media display. You can turn it right down, I can't remember what it's called but it's obvious when you get there. Mine is down to the lowest and its good.
  13. After about six months of ownership I thought I would pop some of my thoughts down. I came from a Mercedes GLC, I wanted to go cheaper so tried to get a Suzuki vitara. I didn't even get as far as a test drive, both the dealers in my area are that bad! One completely ignored us fo half an hour so we left. The other had a hand scrawled sign on the door stating "out, back in about 5" so foiled again. I then wanted to look at the Volvo xc40. Booked test drive, arrived to find they hadn't got a petrol model but could have 10 minutes in there diesel one!!! We left. Then onto the Lexus dealer, what a difference, " yes of course you can put your dog in it, treat it as your own, what's the point in only driving a short time etc". We ordered one. i like it very much. A couple of things the GLC does better, when in reverse and the wipers come on it wipes the rear and the camera pops in and out so is always clean. Also the kick to open tailgate I'd like on the nx. Other than that I prefer most things on the Lexus. In summery, good move if not what was intended!
  14. Ah thanks, that's it, it must have been the speed was under the point of return. I will give it a chance now I know and see but I think I may be reverting to the old fashioned way!