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  1. Where is the authority for such a statement Steve?
  2. So,give them -5 stars on your review !
  3. Sequential numbering of entries within each thread

    Are website Administrators listening please ?
  4. Lexus main dealer warranty

    Why not ask the private seller to put it into Lexus for them to say whether they will or wont ? If they will ,you buy the car and pay for the inspection. If they wont then you walk away.
  5. Well said Sir. Had Linas put a ? after his title line, this thread might have taken a different course ?
  6. 2018 Lexus CT200h Revealed

    Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder ! It is not my cup of tea.
  7. This seems to have many of the Lexus attributes ? om/embed/D4uSWtazRCM?rel=0
  8. Remove Rear Bumper

    Funny is that Pete. I too posted on the wrong (Mercedes ) Forum yesterday!
  9. Pop Up Hood - A good news story

    A good news story that is pleasing to hear.Well done LexusTeeside. Although my car was supplied by Lexus Teesdie to its first owner, I have no connection with them.I just enjoy good outcome stories.
  10. Easy to take things for granted

    Hi Bernie, Yes I did know that, but missed it having watched the entire video. I guess that many many people only think of DAF and rubber bands when they think of CVT boxes. Overall though a welcome review from a guy I have grown to like through viewing a number of his presentations.A welcome break from Clarkson, Top Gear presenters et al. Many thanks.
  11. Easy to take things for granted

    I felt that was the best review of a Lexus sedan that I have ever seen. The driver could not be accused of not researching the vehicle and to criticise him for 3 seconds of failing to identify the strengths of the CVT box was I felt a little unfair.
  12. Ken, What was the outcome of the telephone call you were going to make on 29 August to Lexus ?
  13. Dealer servicing courtesy car

    A Lexus Kardashian, then ?
  14. It is true or it is not true ? Perplexing me thinks
  15. Same om my 2010 model 450h, so they must have thought it a good idea!