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  1. And my pal`s Maxi had a succession of gearboxes !!
  2. Is Den replying to Post No 13 or which one ?
  3. Den, The advert seems sensible to me. One previous owner (Francis) means one owner prior to the person currently registered (Colin) and the current seller has not registered the vehicle.
  4. If you look at the Reliability Surveys which have been issued over the last 15 years James, you might have been much less surprised. It is extremely unusual for any purchaser of a JLR product to be a private consumer.They are Corporate or Self Employed who can offset the cost against taxation. The private buyer looks increasingly towards Japan and South East Asian owned organisations. The ones who give 5 or more year Warranties on their products.
  5. SC 430

    Neil, I realised it was not your quote and I should have quoted Chris, sorry,but do enjoy the SC.
  6. SC 430

    And GHOTI spells fish ! (see google) So Neil should have said .....ghoti or fowl ?
  7. BMW 750 trading to GS450h SE

    Glad I was not the only one to think so Shapour !
  8. Do you live in Lexington Close by any chance ? :):):)
  9. SC 430

    Reminds me that a long time ago in the School Playground, I was asked "what is green and round and hard and comes out of the ground at 100mph? I didn`t know, but was told that it was an Austin Healey Sprout !
  10. As Joni Mitchell sang, "you don`t know what you`ve got `till its gone"
  11. According to the Driving Standards Agency – the body that regulates the UK driving test – “suitable shoes are particularly important behind the wheel. We would not recommend driving barefoot because you don’t have the same braking force with bare feet as you do with shoes on.”
  12. 153,000 kms presumably = 96,000 miles=7,500 per year ????
  13. So, does this mean Mike, that your phone connection was hard wired to the phone connection point either as a standard or had been hard wired by a previous owner ? In my 2003 Merc Eclass my NOKIA IS PROGRAMMED TO SWITCH OFF 30 SECONDS AFTER THE IGNITION HAS BEEN SWITCHED OFF. It seems that in your case switching off the ignition left the phone connection remained connected to the battery ?
  14. I do enjoy stories like that.
  15. Thanks Chris. I endorse your comments and have had one for a while.