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  1. Congratulations Nick.What a lovely post to read first thing in the morning.Who said that Christmas only comes to children ? Regards John
  2. I did wonder where you were hiding Gang. Do keep us updated with Progress Reports.She looks incredible.....and Warp Drive too ?. Regards John
  3. A member on a Mercedes website has just sold his XM(Maserati) for £38k ! Regards John
  4. Point taken. Two falls, two submissions or a KNOCKOUT decides the winner. Regards John
  5. I really think that we are trying to compare Apples with Pears. OBC measures the current RATE at which fuel is being consumed having regard to past consumption as measured by the OBC and all of the data it holds. Brim to Brim measures the fuel in total which has been lost prior to the last Brimful. Simples aint it ? No point in further discussion. I will stick with Brim to Brim comparisons. Regards John
  6. That is exactly why I am finding it hard to believe Mark. Regards John
  7. It is so difficult to argue with these smart young upstarts Robert ! Regards John
  8. You are one extremely lucky boy Rudy (as indeed are all members of this Forum). Most people currently on this Planet do not have the opportunity to have one bite of the cherry and you have at least two ! 99.9999% of people who have ever lived on this Planet have never owned a car. 99.9999% of people who have ever lived on this Planet have never lived to be your age (whatever that is) 99.9999% of people who have lived on this Planet have never been as Rich as you (however Rich you are ) Just dwell for a few moments and ponder what I have said, as I pondered many years ago and you/we should thank our lucky stars for the pleasures we have been privileged to experience. I wish you well with the Celsior and look forward to your continuing contributions informing us of the pleasures she provides. Regards John
  9. I imagine that you would Garry if you were deaf and you had a congenital heart condition. Regards John
  10. Moved off having returned from the Bank and noticed that the ride felt unusually firm. Tyre pressure warning light was on ,so I pulled over just short of Aldi in EllesmerePort. Sure enough the rear offside new Kumho was as flat as a pancake. Contacted Lexus Roadside Assistance and the AA turned up 25 minutes later. 25 mins was just enough to let me see a dark green LS400 drive out of the Aldi car park and make friends with an elderly lady who tapped on my window to tell me I had a flat tyre ! Anyway, I digress. AA man asked for Locking Nuts and as I looked through to where the Space Saver wheel was kept I noticed what appeared to be a clean plastic sheet A4 in size. I told him that I had never seen this before and had no clue as to what it was. He took it from me and opened it up to reveal a large heavy duty industrial grade plastic bag . "This is for your punctured wheel to reside in so that Lexus Owners and their vehicles don`t get dirty", he said. Well blow me, says I. Learn something new every day. Tyre now repaired and fitted courtesy of Port Tyres. Regards John
  11. VERY,VERY INTERESTING Peter. Your OBC reads 108% optimistically which is exactly the figure my Mercedes reads optimistically too ! I have not checked my Lexus OBC as I only check brim to brim results. Regards John Regards John
  12. That is the correct way to do it. On Board Computer figures are misleading and at best advisory. Regards John
  13. 93k and 12 months warranty and it will still qualify for warranty after 12 months. A good deal methinks M. Regards John
  14. Welcome Robert. Only 100k more to go and you will have passed the Moon! I imagine that you bought the GS privately ? Enjoy the very long read ! Regards John
  15. Welcome M. A good decision. The GS exudes Class, Specification and Quality in a discreet manner. Did you buy it privately or from a Trader? Regards John