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  1. Just had the isf detailed

    Looks absolutely stunning, the ceramic coating is one of the best things I've come across for protecting paint plus it makes it loads easier to clean nothing really sticks to it
  2. I hope you were touching something wooden when you typed that🙂
  3. £450 in the first month of ownership for the water the from Lexus the car had 64000 miles at the time I think, luckily they spotted it when I had it in for a service rear tyres seem to go down pretty quickly though I wouldn't have a clue why that is 😯
  4. Cam Chain Wear

    That's not a bad option, would certainly save on potentially wasting some serious amounts of cash
  5. Cam Chain Wear

    That is some predicament to be in, me personally I would want them to cover the cost if it is the wrong diagnosis as like you say it's throwing money away if it turns out to be more serious it's collateral you could use for a new engine. Saying this though it does seem a reasonable explanation that the Lexus tech has come up with, metal does expand when warm so that could explain the chattering on the chain but it's all "coulds" I feel bad for you I really do there's nothing worse than been in situations like this I've been there a fair few times and almost smashed a few cars up in frustration.
  6. Tom's isf replica

    Thanks for the info Dan 👍 ill have the corner splitters up for sale soon as the new one comes could have done you them cheap too typical eh😁 I like the look of those ducts something else for the list I promised myself I wouldn't go mad on this car but that's not happening
  7. Cam Chain Wear

    That is a ridiculous quote I've seen whole engines going for 4k, I'm pretty sure there'll be an Indy Lexus garage which would be a lot less than that it'll just be a case of finding one that's confident in working on this engine.
  8. Tom's isf replica

    Message him and tell him you got the link from the forum I told him id be putting it up I'm pretty sure he'd do it for the same price I asked for the discount first and then he put it up for me to buy.
  9. Wow I think your both as bad as each other come on what's the whole point in arguing on like this you don't live long enough to waste time being negative to other people especially on a website!
  10. Tom's isf replica

    No problem, the whole kit is a very good price imo, £500 is not bad at all. That grom vline looks like a nice bit of kit think I'll be looking into that 👍
  11. Tom's isf replica

    Think you better be getting practising your massage techniques like me buddy, woman+ spending cash on cars =👿 ://
  12. I'm glad I read your post I've just spent an hour browsing and ordering I can't believe they can do discounts as cheap as they are I've bought two full service kits for a BMW and a Subaru with Castrol oil for the price of a good meal , so thanks for that 😀
  13. Tom's isf replica

    Yes that's the one they've got a website rusogarage it is, looks like theyve got some decent stuff on there just need a smaller diffuser and a spoiler the that's the bodywork done.
  14. Tom's isf replica

    No it's the front lip and the carbon sides there made to fit the isf, on the fog covers I think there a replacement part I'll see in a few weeks time how it all fits.