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Help - CT200H as company car for heavy driving


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Hi All,

I am thinking for going ahead with Lexus CT200h as company car. Awaiting for test drive.

I read loads of reviews on thewebsite. Most of the average or below reviews that what I am bit worried. Please can you advise as follows

1) Average MPG you are getting on normal drive mode

2) Good for long drive? ( normally I'm clocking minimum of 1800miles per month)

Any input welcome.

Thank you


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Average mpg is variable, depending on lots of things, from speed to outside temperature. If you are doing mostly motorway miles at 70 plus the you are better with a diesel. The hybrid works best around town or on A roads at speeds of 50 mph or less.

I currently get 55+ mpg from my IS on A roads but this drops when the weather is colder or on the motorway. I would expect slightly more for the CT but it depends on driving style. To get the best from a hybrid you need lots of anticipation to know when to let the Battery take over.

Don't take too much notice of reviews, especially about the CVT whine and engine noise at high revs. The motoring press don't test drive cars as they should be driven in the real world.

Book a test drive and find out for yourself.

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I agree with the MPG estimate and the driveability rating. I also echo the suggestion that if you are stomping around the country by motorway,, buy a diesel since its what they're good at.

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I had a new CT200h for 25 months, during that time I covered 38,000km (23,612m) and it returned 61mpg Ave. Including 2 trips to uk and around northern Europe, also trips to Dresden and Slovenia.

The IS 'Mr. Jingles,' is now 16 months old, has 22,244km (13,861m) on the clock and is returning 51mpg Ave. Including 1 trip to uk and 2/3 to northern Europe. I found the CT too hard a ride so changed to the IS. I am happy with the change and with the mpg achieved in both motors.

I use 'Fuelly' and 'Spiritmonitor de.'.


Hi Venkat

I posted the above in May this year, as you can see I drove up hill and down dale, even across water! The CT is a good motor and very reliable, a good place to spend time, but for me and many others, it was too hard a ride. I changed to the IS for the better ride, and it is. If, as you suggest, it is going to be used a lot, I would recommend the IS, it is an even better place to spend a lot of time, with more comfort and almost noise free, + the Lexus reliability. The economy is a little less than a diesel, but it's more than made up for in respect to comfort.

Yes, as stated above by Geof. and Paul there are many things that affect economy, I could add more, driving a Hybrid takes a little getting used to, but once mastered, can give good results. It is a personal choice of course, might be a good idea to test both if you can for a day.

Good luck whatever you decide to do.

Best wishes.



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since its a company car make note the boot area is very small so if you have to carry tools / equipment for work

there may not be enough room for you, something to look out for on the test drive.

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As above with all the comments. It is a little hard ride but the comfort is excellent. It's miles better than what I've had before. I've adapted well to using hybrid economically and the results are good for me. I've been using Fuelly too.


I don't do much motorway driving but when I do the results are good (in Normal mode).

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Some thoughts I penned recently on the CT200h on a long drive compared with a company car favourite - the Ford Focus:

I don't think you have anything to worry about save the boot space points :smile:

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Excellent write up on CT200h Vs Focus. Thanks

I would be driving at least 400-600 miles per week. Thats what I was bit confused whether worth go to hybrid or traditional diesel. As you pointed out no need of gear changing with CT and left hand and leg can give rest. If I go for automatic gear box with diesel than more CO2 and tax plus lower MPG.


Looks your mileage split will be opposite to mine. 80% motorway and 20% city. I also read somewhere that hybrid cars are best to be drive within city to get maximum fuel economy.


I am going to carry only PPE bag, occasionaly small suitcase which I think boot is ok with me.


Thanks everyone who comments on my topic.

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