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Is200 Sport Spoiler


Recommended Posts snapped your end off whilst tapping through the hole.....nasty....these things happen :D

Anyone know the part number of the Genuine Lexus one.

I looked at the part number list on this fine forum but it has no pics so i am not 100% which is correct

It looks like this one


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I saw that page thanks

But is this the Lip spoiler like i have already got or the raised one like i want?

Rear Spoiler........................PZ402-C1450-AB (Up to 01/07)

Rear Spoiler........................PZ402-C1451-AB (From 01/07)

Those part numbers are for the raised type

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Could have got it for less if you were a Goldie :winky:

:offtopic: But...........

I'll second that! :D

It's seriously worth it m8, and it only costs £25. :ohmy:

Think of all the cash you could save! :yawn:

I saved my membership costs within a month on buying stuff............... B)

Stu :driving:

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How much would it have been with Gold Membership discount then?  :unsure:

I'd say up to 15% off the marked price B)

It really is worth becoming a Gold Member.

I've been a Gold member for over a year now and I have saved over £200. Plus 15% of my last service. To be honest, I never kept a log of how much savings I have made. I wish I had now.... :o

Not bad for £25 a year :winky:

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Lexus retail is £296.95 inc vat

then - say 15% discount for being gold member

which means £252.41

and me m8 can get it for £228 inc vat

It's good having m8's in the trade....especially in the parts department :whistling:

I think I will join anyway....Just so I can be British Airways Gold and Lexus Gold

:D They will make a lovely couple.....

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