2010 GS 450h New Owner - Switch Positions Query

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Gentlemen,   I have had this car for about two weeks and despite being delighted with it, I have a couple of queries, the answers for which do not seem to be covered in the handbook. So -

1/  when the lighting switch - left hand stalk is in any other position than 'OFF' a small green display light is lighted in the instrument binnacle -  two small green side lights format. However I then have no further 'advice' if I select headlamps to 'dip' and I have to glance down at the left hand stalk to check the light switch is not off. Clearly at night there is no difficulty as I can see the effects of the headlamps but in mist / rain / poor visibility glancing frequently to note the stalk position,  is not in my best interests especially if I have 'wheel on' with the stalk obscured by the spoke of the steering wheel. I have not driven a car in the last 20 odd years that did not have a headlamp 'dip' reminder in addition to the main beam reminder.  Am I missing something here?  There are many functions associated with the left hand stalk and I have inadvertently turned off my lights on a number of occasions,  hence this topic.

2/  the front parking sensors only operate if I have selected them with the small button concealed in the drop down 'trap door' just to the right of the steering column. Again all other cars in my experience with front parking sensors are 'live'  the whole time and no further selection is necessary. I find myself pulling into a clear spot before  parking to lower the 'trap door' and then select the sensors to the 'on' position. I do find this so ridiculous in a car so advanced is so many aspects, that again, I suspect I am missing something. Surely I do not need to drive for ever with the sensors permanently selected staring at the little green indicator light in the binnacle.

3/  I have determined that my speedo reading is about 5.7% fast -  i.e. at 70 mph actual as evidenced by two different sat navs -  Garmin and Tom Tom plus a confirmatory drive by with my wife in a second car -  my speedo indicates 74 m.p.h. Mindful the technology packed into this marvellous car, is there any method of easily re- calibrating the speedo to reduce or preferably eradicate this anomaly.

Marvellous car and so comfortable. 


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I have an RX450h rather than a GS so I don't know about the specifics of your car but...

1. I'd be very surprised if the lights aren't automatic. Just make sure the stalk is in the 'Auto' position and forget about it.

You say that you have a small green display light in the format of two green sidelights - my car has the same but just one green sidelight format. This is the only indication you get for normal side/tail/headlights operation. Push the stalk away from you to switch on the high-beam lights and you'll get a blue indicator light in the instrument binnacle; pull it back towards you and the high-beam lights are extinguished, as is the blue indicator.

2. I have both front and back parking sensors and they aren't individually switchable - all parking sensors are either on or off. When on, there is a small green indicator light illuminated in the instrument binnacle to tell me they are on. I never switch them off - seeing a tiny green light on all the time is no hardship and you soon become oblivious to it. It doesn't distract in any way at all.

3. This topic has been covered in these forums before but I can't remember the topic title to search for it. However, ALL vehicles are like this and it's nothing at all to worry about. It is illegal for a vehicle speedometer to read lower than the actual speed that the car is travelling at, even by just 1mph, so all manufacturers err on the side of caution and make their speedos read high. It's not a fault, it's designed this way and you'll find an explanation here as to why it's like this.

EDIT: If I've got the wrong end of the stick (or stalk 😁) regarding your lights, could you upload a photo showing what you mean?

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Welcome Reid. Yes it is a wonderful car and the forum likes pictures🙂

I will try to answer your questions. My car is a 2007 and i just recently discovered that some of the feature that were standard on my car e.g. PCS and ACC, became optional in later years. If they also changed how the lights woks my answer may be wrong.

1) There is a blue main beam warning lamp in the cluster. This goes out when you are on dipped just leaving the green shining downwards light. I can't understand why you need to look at the stalk which as you say may well be obscured by the wheel. If you leave the stalk set to auto lights will come on when needed. You only need to push it away to get main beam and all back from main to get dipped. Puling stalk nearer against a spring is used for flashing the main beam lights.

2) I leave the parking sensors on all the time. Yes there is a little indicator to show they are on. Don't stare at it you soon get used to it.

3) Mine is about 10% high. It is factory set high. This is a legal thing and there are discussion elsewhere on the forum about this. No, you can't recalibrate. On motorway you can set cruise to 75 and be confident you are obeying the limit.

As I type Herbs has replied much the same.

The manual is huge and finding some things can be difficult. Have you mastered the satnav yet?





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Parking sensors disable at speeds above approx 6mph, I leave mine switched on permanently. The indicator  is simply there to  show the system is enabled.


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Well Gentlemen what a quick response to my queries and unlike previous forums - not Lexus - in which I have been involved, three positive answers and no fatuous comments. Thank you to 'Herbie, Old Trout and NemesisUK' for the clarifications and all is now clear. 

 To 'Old Trout's' question as to my dexterity with the SatNav, I will steer the conversation away as the subject has been banned in my household til 2019 on the grounds of marital harmony. I am optimistic that the new update, which I understand will become available this autumn , may address some of the anomalies and I have already applied for a second mortgage to cover the cost. If not,  then I will continue with my faithful,  simple and crystal clear 'TomTom' which cost £80 to include ' maps for life ' with the only extra being £20 per annum for speed limits and radar speed trap updates, a real licence preserver if ever there was one.

I find I can position the 'TomTom' into my peripheral vision so that I have a constant read out of my road speed and limit without lowering my eyes to check on my indicated speed which then has to be mentally 'adjusted' to arrive at an accurate speed. Living in SW London and using roads like the A3 and the North Circular, anyone not driving at EXACTLY  the legal limit in any lane is woefully treated to vitriol /  headlight flashing / horns and coarse anglo - saxon language. This is enough to confuse me when carrying out the mental arithmetic referred to above.

All car manufactures incorporate certain idiosyncrasies that are part of the marque's heritage and one has to become accustomed to such. I have entered the 'Lexus World' coming from a 'Mercedes Benz' which believe it or not also had some odd ( screwball ! ) embodiments but one moves on and within a few weeks these have largely been forgotten.





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