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Jump starting a 450H

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If that's an RX 450h then I don't think there is a Battery under the bonnet is there - not on mine anyway?

The 12V Battery is under the boot floor so if your boot isn't full of stuff and access is easy enough, that's where I'd go. There is a more convenient jump start terminal under the bonnet in or by the fusebox but because I'm clumsy I would probably lose the little plastic fixing clips when removing the engine covers, which is why I'd be going for the Battery in the boot.

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2 hours ago, granadaman said:

You don’t jump off in the boot, only under the bonnet it’s in your car manual.

Incorrect, I'm afraid. The manual also says that you should have the donor car's engine running but that's incorrect too.

That jump start terminal under the bonnet is only for convenience, just in case the boot is full of stuff, but there's absolutely no difference between the two and certainly no harm in connecting directly to the Battery if it's easier to do so or you just want to.

All you're doing is supplementing a dodgy 12V supply by piggy-backing a good 12V supply on to it and it doesn't matter if you do it at the front or the back, 12V is 12V.

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