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Has anybody remapped their  is 250 V6 ???y my car is 2009 and has 97000 on the clock with full service history but lacking. So I’m thinking to remap ????

Anyone’s thoughts and is it worth it ??

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Lol lacking what?no they are almost impossible to remap and you only get minimal gains from induction kits,stainless Steel exhausts etc 

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Yeah... I do not spend time checking 9 month old threads. I recently seen one guy remapped his IS-F in US and it added like 8HP, so I guess we can imagine on IS250 it's going to be what... 2-4HP at best, but as said above by John... even the best mapping going to add at most what you have already added to the car e.g. if you have cold-air intake or less restricted exhaust, it could help to realise those mods.

I guess the only realistic change which could add decent power is lifting the rev-limit, but that that point one would be destroying their engine (literally) and the power gain would be only that 250-500rpm at the very top which isn't even that useful for everyday driving. Sure maybe it can shave 0.2s from 0-60 and produce dyno sheet showing 10% improvement, but is that even worth it like £300-500? I doubt it 

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Forget remapping. Clean your MAF sensor. Clean the Throttle Body. Use a petrol octane booster additive. Sounds to me the car has had a very leisurely life so far and quite possibly the valve stems are full of crud. You could try decoking by using a product like seafoam or similar. Change your airfilter and sparkplugs. Give your car an Italian tune.

My 2007 81.5k miler runs sweet and pulls when asked to. MAF and Throttle body clean will show improvements.

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I don't think it has anything to do with maintenance, it is more likely that people simply have different expectations when it comes to the engine power.

Myself considered IS250 as "borderline sluggish car", it was not slow, but it was not fast, reality is - it is great luxury cruiser, but not sports car. However, if somebody comes expecting it to be sporty I can see them being disappointed. Further, anyone coming from turbo cars will feel lack of mid-range torque which is characteristic with modern luxury cars... you need to rev IS250 all the way to the redline to get the best of it...and the beauty of it is - it pulls all the way, the higher the revs, the more it pulls and the sound gets better as well.

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Thanks for all your comments. 
the spark plugs were last changed by Lexus at 63,000 miles in 2013. Air filter changed last service in January this year by Lexus. 
yes you do get full power throttle to the floor redlined max. 
it probably  has had a leisurely life till I got it lol. I have had had some fun in it max pedal to metal. 

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This weekend I will buy some mass cleaner and clean the maf sensor and throttle body. 
looks a pretty easy straight forward job and very cheap £4 for the cleaner and it works on the throttle body too so bonus 

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MAF cleaner is a softer cleaner. Throttle body cleaner is like carb cleaner but is too harsh for the MAF. £4? Oh well you get what you pay for. I used CRC sprays. Look on eBay

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7 hours ago, MartinH said:

Have we seen a pic of your car yet @Johnlex? If not, I think we should.

Here’s a few pics 

There’s a few upgrades like the Illuminated lights also changing the badge on rear and emblem on front grill also wheel centre caps to black .

tinted windows. Few things inside to.

at some point I will also upgrade the stereo with grom audio 








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The illuminated front grill badge I’ve imported from Canada. It hasn’t arrived yet 😭  It’s 2 wires very quick 

ive got a diagram . I’m probably going to piggy back the fuse instead not sure yet. You can also tap into the headlights but that’s risky .


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34 minutes ago, Mr Vlad said:

MAF cleaner is a softer cleaner. Throttle body cleaner is like carb cleaner but is too harsh for the MAF. £4? Oh well you get what you pay for. I used CRC sprays. Look on ebay. 

Yeah it says you can use it on both. This stuff 


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Also reset maf sensor  to regulate the revs as they will be sky high. Don’t panic perfectly normal ..step1-3 Let engine run 3 mins switch off 1 min same thing again. Leave engine off for 5mins then Start engine,  foot on the brake pedal till anti skid lights up. Then Take for a drive.  Carful though as it takes off like a rocket and will scare you with the extra power. 😂 



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Just as a pointer, if you are going to disconnect Battery for any reason it is best practice to remove the - ( Negative ) connection First ( and unless you are removing Battery, Only the Negative ) Reason being, ( unless you have insulated tools - I haven’t!) you may touch a grounded part of the car when trying to remove the + ( positive) and have a free firework display besides any personal injuries!

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