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Rattle driving me mad

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So I occasionally hear a rattle that appears to be coming from the driver's side dash on bumpy roads. So I started pressing and holding panels, since I can't replicate the noise when stationary.

Turns out, it's the panel holding the OBD2 port just above the pedals.

I took it off to see if there's a loose clip or something and reassembled it, but everything's in place. However, the panel doesn't seem to be staying firmly next to the other panels. When its pushed in, you can see and hear it sort of click into place, but comes loose as soon as you let go. There are no clips or anything holding the panel in the correct position, not even broken ones.

Has anyone with a 2IS faced this issue, and if so, how did you solve it?

Considering how quiet the car is, this thing is driving me nuts.

Video attached.

Would also appreciate if someone can take a photo of how their panel sits in place.

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Thanks for checking this for me Vlad!

I guess I'll take it off again and see what I can do about fitting it better.

Will make sure to post an update here once it's solved.

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