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Hey there,

I've got a GS300 from year 2009, the facelift, and while I have Xenons (D4S, 4300K from what I can find), the high beams are good old halogen bulbs.

I've gotten them out, and they are HIR1 12V 65W from Toshiba. I can't find those, but there are Osram alternatives.

Now, I would like to get a spectrum that's closer to the ones of the xenon, so I have the same "spectrum of light."

Osram Cool Blue Intense HIR2 bulbs seem to fit what I'm looking for. The Cool Blue Intense group spectrum is up to 4200K, I am not sure if the HIR2 bulbs indeed come with 4200K, I need to research on that. Power input is 63W, nominal wattage is 55W, I guess that's fine.

Now, I am not sure, would HIR2 fit HIR1? I am not very well educated and knowledgable if HIR1 / HIR 2 ETC are different "holes", i.e. you can't fit Apple charging cable on a Samsung, or there's something else?

I've read that HIR2 come with lower amount of lumens, the example above comes with 1875 while HIR1 with some 2300 lm. Philips also has a HIR2 bulb, 4200 K, 1350 lm, and as per the website, it's suitable for both low beams and high beams, so I guess there's a high likelyhood for the Osrams to be the same?

I'll be thankful for any input on that matter and topic. Looking to refresh how the car looks.

Thank you.


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I’m not sure if this is the answer to your question, but I sourced these D4S Osrams from Autobulbs Direct and they are a considerable improvement over the standard HiD bulbs fitted to my Lexus.

I’ve also found the Company to be very helpful with advice and I expect they would answer your question if approached directly.

One thing I did notice about these bulbs, as one who suggests owners refer to the car Manual, is that the Lexus manual only states that these bulbs should be replaced by the Dealer!

I hope this helps.  😊

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HID bulbs can't be switched on and off rapidly so main beam lamps are always filament lamps. (Pre LED this is.)

I don't understand Osram's "cool blue" and "4200K" statements. Blue usually means higher figures like 6000K or even 10000k. 4200k would be yellowish not blue. Perhaps they are using the terms in some different way. Confusional advertising?

Someone will be along to correct/enlighten me.




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The bulbs have a blue envelope (glass). This filters out some of the longer wavelength light (red) which reduces the overall light output of the bulb but makes the light appear 'whiter' than it otherwise would. The light is still pretty yellow in comparison with led and gas discharge bulbs.

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Hi all, 

Thanks for jumping in.

@lenT you are talking about the xenon bulbs, D4S, which are the outer ones. I am talking about the inner ones. I'll attach a picture. The inner ones are HIR1, but I am wondering if HIR2 would fit

@OldTrout I see, I have seen this explanation before too, and it makes sense. I know it won't be exactly the same, but the difference won't be that big, I guess.

@johnatg thank you for the input. I have seen some with changed bulbs, and they still look better than this old-style yellowish light.



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2 minutes ago, OldTrout said:


My main beam has a clear plastic front but yours is orange. Is this standard on 2008 model?


It's not orange, that's how the bulb is...I mean, headlights need restoration and I will take them down to send them to a specialist, but that's the color of the bulb. I want to change the bulb with one, which color fits more the outer one, i.e. the xenon light one.

The inner "orange" bulb, is HIR1, and I can find HIR2 that fit the color spectrum. That was my question, if a HIR2 bulb will fit instead of HIR1.

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