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What Tyre?


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I have done 13K in my IS200 Auto fitted with Bridgstones and I need a full set of new tyres. With my style of driving I normally get 25-30K before having to think of replacements.

I have spent many hours looking through all the threads for advice on what is the best to go for.

My two criteria are:

a) Wear Rate - I want a hard tyre with high wear rate to give a higher milage (the bridgestones are 140). Manufacturers of tyres seem reluctant to quote this figure for some reason. I have looked at manufacturers web sites and have not been able to find this information.

B) Tyre noise - As everyone knows this is quite high in the IS especially on the older road surfaces so we have to put up with it, but by choosing a tyre with a low surface noise index it can be greatly reduced.

Based on the above what tyre whould you choose?


Do you know its specified wear rate.


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Try Michelin Pilot Primacy. My boss had Michelin Pilot Sports on his Audi A3, he drives like a complete ****, and got 40,000 miles out of them. The Primacy are meant to be quiter than the sports and harder wearing.

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I have Michelin Pilot Primacys on the back, and Dunlop SP Sport 01s on the front.

The treadwear of the Michelins is 240 and the Dunlops is 280. Does this mean the Dunlops are of a harder compound?

Anyway, the Michelin website shows a picture of an A8 when you look up the Primacys, and it says they are for high mileage touring car drivers. They do seem quiet, but below average grip in wet weather (no traction control and heavy right foot!).

The Dunlops are quietish most of the time, but you notice they make some noise when you are slowing down to a halt, and I think it's because of their new three tread in one design. Nice looking tyre, and better than my previous Dunlops (D8Z - original equipment on my car).

Hope this helps.

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Just had 4 new Bridgestone Potenza RE040 CZ's fitted - they have a tread wear of 140 - usually get about 10k from a set - grip well and seem quiet to me.

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From what Maneesh says the wear rate on the Dunlops is 280.

Therefore they have a harder compound than the michelins (at 240) and will last longer.

Lots of members go for the SP9000's and most seem very happy with them.

Executive decision - I'm going to go for the Dunlop SP9000LEXUS.

Thanks for all your help everybody.

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