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Am I Doing Something Wrong Here?

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Okay, about to adventure with some electronics in the car - nothing too adventurous..

I decide to take a reading off the Ciggie lighter connection - really just to verify what i already know...

Except, i read across the two terminals, the fuse blows....

(happened twice).

Now, i have the multimeter set correct, and i'm pretty sure im doing it right, but for some reason, the fuse blows...


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nope, I know its been a long time since college - but i can remember how to use a multimeter...

Anyway, i have taken it back now - although i am adverse to connecting my in-car PDA kit to these two wires now as i had planned....

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would people agree this sounds like a faulty multimeter, or do i need to worry...

Ground the neagtive lead from the multimeter on the car elsewhere, then try both terminals again one after the other. This way you will find the positive. If it still blows the fuse must be something wrong with the mutimeter. I done the exact thing to wire up my sat nav and did not come across any problems.

Good Luck

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